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GodFather Blues ! - 19/07/2005
Source Behindwood

Ajith is the hero in Godfather being directed by K.S. Ravikumar.
Because of financial issues, the producer Chakravarthy of NIC Arts had temporarily shelved the project. So, Ajith began work on Bala's Naan Kadavul. He grew his hair long and sported a beard. Now, Godfather will be revived again while Bala's film is facing other problems.
Therefore, while Ajith is contemplating a make over, the director K.S. Ravikumar is in a fix.

Kaja Mydeen blames Ajit for his suicide attempt! 20/07/2005
Source Sify

Now film producer Kaja Mydeen who survived a suicide attempt after swallowing 40 sleeping pills (!!) is pointing finger at Ajit for his bid to end his life!
Mydeen had made veiled threat that he will be holding a press conference after he recovers. In an interview to a local newspaper Kaja bhai said: "I lost 8 Crore making Ajit's Jana which is my biggest flop. The storyline was changed to suit Ajit's whims and fancies and finally the film was released after two years. Ajit is a sadist".
Ajit was a sitting duck as he is already going through a bad patch in his career. Kaja bhai wanted somebody to be the fall guy and so he conveniently put the blame on the actor and his film Jana, a matter which is more than two years old!
Industry watchers feel that Kaja simply does not have the guts to blame the actual persons behind his present financial woes. Meanwhile no case has been registered against him for his suicide attempt.

Ajith's hairy problems! – 20/07/2005
Source Cinesouth

S S Chakravarthy has not only touched Ajith for his call sheet, he's also touching on Ajith's hairstyle!
For old times' sake, Ajith is acting free in Chakravarthy's 'Godfather.' But Chakravarthy has been stopping shooting schedules whenever he does not have the finance to continue. Scheduled for a May 1 release, the film is stretching on like a chewing gum. There is no point in hanging on endlessly to an untamed horse, so Ajith started to grow his hair for Bala's 'Naan Kadavul.' Sporting long hair, Ajith was all set to start shooting and Chakravarthy is back, scissors in hand!
Ajith Approaching the Producers Association, Chakravarthy put a stop to Ajith's working in 'Naan Kadavul.' According to the decisions announced, Ajith can work on other films only after he finishes shooting for 'Godfather.' He can work in other films in the intermittent time only when shooting for 'Godfather' discontinues due to financial reasons. Ajith cannot change his getup that would in any way harm the interests of 'Godfather.'
Not wishing to create unnecessary debate in the association, Ajith agreed and sacrificed his long hair. But Chakravarthy made the great escape.
Neither he will prosper, nor will he allow others to prosper and 'Godfather' is again neither here or there.

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