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Flooded with offers
It was a single dance number that she did with Ajit in 'Poovellam Unn Vaasam'. There were attempts to dissuade her, with fax messages sent to her, that she would be tarnishing her image, if she did single dance numbers in films. Reportedly she did have second thoughts about doing it. But finally Yukta Mookhey stuck to her word. What made her stick to her decision, was that the same producer was signing her as the heroine for his next film. Now, one hears that the beauty queen has been flooded with offers from Tamil filmmakers and is in a dilemna as to which offer to accept.


Ajith’s Efforts In Citizen
Ajith After Shivaji Ganesan, Kamal has been satisfying the thirst of fans for Gora films. He never fails to applaud the young heros if they perform well. Particularly he has got great affection for Ajith. Ajith is the only actor whom Kamal recommends.The way Maruthanayakam happened to Kamal, similarly Citizen happened to Ajith.

Citizen is the 30th film for Ajith. He was introduced to tinsel world with his film Amaravathi in 1993, he became popular with in a short period of time. Of course, Kodambakkam ignored him for sometime.So far, Ajith has introduced 12 new directors. Citizen also is a debut venture of Shravan Subbaih.

Citizen to begin with, was a 4 hours show but to cut its length and make it a 3 hours drama many scenes were eliminated.Deva has done recording in a fine manner for Citizen and it seems Ajith had congratulated him by saying that Deva cannot do such a good job for any other movie.

For Citizen, make up man was brought from Mumbai as Ajith had done 9 characters in it.And the make up was appreciated.When Ajith appeared in an elderly role even Ajith’s father was surprised. He was not able to recognize his son. Only when he went near him and talked to him, he realized that it was his son.

Ajith wounded again during shoot
Ajith Ajith has been admitted to Apollo hospital again because of injuries to his spinal chord during the shoot of the movie Poovellam Unn Vassam. Ajith, an avid bike racer insisted that he do the stunts and ended up with injuries. He had a similar accident during the shoot of Valli.



A mini theatre in Ajith's house

Cine star Ajith is constructing a fantastic house in Kodivakkam. What's special about the house is a mini theatre inside with equipments imported from abroad. He is building this theatre to enable his family to watch all movies in house in style.


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