Ajith Is Back  

When the number one director in Malayalam Shaji Kailas, the man who gave Mohanlal the larger than life image met our own Ajith and narrated a story to him, the superstar was bowled over. Ajith has given priority dates to him and the film will be titled Thiruda which will be produced by Kaja Moideen of Roja Combines.
According to Shaji Kailas “Ajith is a talented star and with Thiruda he will go places. It is going to be a unique role that will give the actor enough scope for action and comedy". Shaji refused to divulge any further information on the movie. Ajith the ‘dada’ of Dheena, Citizen and Red has lost weight and is going for a total image change with Thiruda. Ajith’s heroine will be Trisha the new sensation and former beauty queen of Chennai.