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Ajith & Director Charan -Cold War?    

It's usual to find new rumors surfacing once every two months in Tamil cine industry.

After the Kamal-Simran and Shrikanth-Sneha episodes, it's now time hear about the new cold war that's on between Ajith and director Charan. They will not work with each other any more. Why?

Let's rewind.

With 'Kaadhal Mannan' and 'Amarkalam', director Charan had got Ajith's career going again after his string of five continuous flops. And, Ajith had faith on the director and had signed up for two films with him. That way he had helped him come up in his career too.

If this was not enough, Charan was one of the key figures who had brought together Ajith and Shalini and had got them married too. Shalini had been refusing the 'Amarkalam' offer, but it was Charan who had compelled and convinced her to accept it. And, Charan was the one that Shalini had complained to when Ajith had spoken his mind to her," What's this? He says 'I love you' to his co-star?" But, Charan was aware of the deep feelings that Ajith had for Shalini and had a great role in making her reciprocate the love.

So, Charan's contribution was not limited to Ajith's professional life. It extended to his personal life too. And, guess what Ajith gave back? After booking him as the director and after having even shot a song sequence for the new film 'Yerumugam', he backed out of the film because he didn't like Charan's screenplay. The very same 'Yerumugam' was then made and released with Vikram as hero as 'Gemini'. The film has earned the distinction of having made more than 15 crores at the Box Office.

If you think that there's nothing wrong about the hero walking out of a film because the story was not good enough, then think again.

1. Ajith had accepted the Advance money only after going through the story.

2. Only after liking the story did he shoot the song sequence

But then, Ajith had spoken to a popular magazine about the reason behind his withdrawal from the film. "I need to have the script, i.e. the screenplay, ready before I start working for the film. But, even after shooting began, Charan was not ready with the script. When my patience ran out, I quit the film." These statements had not only squarely blamed Charan, it had also turned out to question Charan's competency in front of the whole world.

That was the time when Charan had scored 3 consecutive superhits and these words from Ajith landed like heavy blows on his pride. Angered and hurt, he completed and submitted the script and song lists to the producers on the puja functions of the film.

Now, 'Gemini' is a super duper hit. The whole Tamilnadu is under the trance of 'O podu'. Charan is taking his sweet revenge on Ajith who had tried to demean him in the eyes of the Tamil population.

"Don't even dream that I will ever work with Ajith again. And no other hero would have been such a sport as Vikram was about 'Kalabhavan' Mani's role. They wouldn't have appreciated and encouraged his role as Vikram did," Charan lashed out for the first time at Ajith as he celebrates his jubilant success. One could feel the pain in these words.

This was the strongest 'in-your-face' reply to Ajith's blunt 'bad script and incomplete script' accusations.

 The 'Yerumugam' which became 'Gemini' is now all set to be remade in Telugu. Just because one is an actor, one simply shouldn't go about finding faults with anyone and everyone. He had washed his hands off 'Yerumugam' and had made a similar film called 'Red'. What was the outcome? "He had thrown out a golden opportunity that was given to him. And what has that brought him? One of the hottest directors has sworn not to work with him at all", says one of Charan's assistant directors.

With the success of 'Gemini', Charan had wrecked vengeance on Ajith who had hurt him with his words. This has earned him one more distant friend (read: enemy) in the film industry. (His first enemity was with Vivek after his 'Kaadhal Mannan'.

Most of the creative directors are extremely sensitive. The choice lies with the heroes- should they handle them like flowers or should they treat them like thorns? Ajith chose the thorn treatment when it came to Charan.

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