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Ajith Linguswamy unite        09/01/03

From Cinesouth


Finally, Linguswamy's confusions end.

He started the list with Ajith, then Switched to Madhavan, and then switched to Shrikanth. Now, he's back to Ajith.

The film has been named 'Ji'. No more 'Sathyam'. This is the 'Ji' as in the Hindi 'Ji'. Ajith's heroine could be the 'Iyarkai' heroine Radhika. Vidhyasagar, who had composed music for 'Run' is going to compose music for this film too.



Ajith – On the fast track        08/29/03

From Moviebuzz

Ajith is on a fast track! He has put in a superb performance to finish fourth in the second qualifying session of the Asian formula BMW series held in Taebaek-Korea. It is a great achievement for the actor considering his age and weight and with every race his performance is steadily improving. It looks like there is all possibility for Ajith to do the British Formula 3 scholarship series next year.

On the career front, Ajith has started work on his fourth film in the last one year. The film titled Ji is directed by Lingusamy. Linguswamy, after the super hit Run, was to produce this film for producer A.M.Ratnam with Madhavan as the hero. But the director had a spat with the producer over his remuneration and when the project got delayed Madhavan gave his dates to Mani Ratnam for his bilingual.

Linguswamy has now found a producer in S.S.Chakravarthy, Ajith’s man friday. He has started the film with Ajith as the hero and Amoga, the JJ girl, as the heroine. Vidyasagar will be the music director. The shooting will start in September as Ji will be Ajith’s Pongal release.

Meanwhile the talkie portion of Anjaneya has been completed and the song picturisation with Ajith and Meera Jasmine (see pic) is going at brisk pace at a set erected in AVM studio. The film is due for Diwali.

However no one knows the fate of Ajith’s half completed ventures like Shaji Kailas directed Jana and Nic Arts Mahaa.

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