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Meera Jasmine confirmed!  'Anchaneya's confusions end

From Cinesouth       06/28/03

After a long confusion, director Maharajan has selected Meera Jasmine as the heroine for 'Aanjaneya'.

With 'Mahaa' and 'Janaa' limping badly, Ajith has decided to start 'Aanjaneya' hastily. They were hesitant about casting Meera Jasmine because she might hinder the film with her busy schedules. But, Ajith and Maharajan decided to go ahead with her on the basis of her promise.

With that we come to the end of the confusion on who the heroine will be- Meera Jasmine or Reema Sen.


Ajith's confusion!

Meera Jasmine or Reema Sen? 

From Cinesouth       06/14/03


Ajith is going through a big confusion now.
Atleast if he was acting on only two films, he could have tossed a coin to get an answer. But, three films are involved here.
Ajith is not sure which film is going to be released first.
Meera Jasmine has begun harassing him again the moment they signed her up for 'Aanjaneya'. Her call-sheet problems have made director Maharajan and Ajith wonder if Reema Sen is a better choice.
These confusions are the result of her having signed up Mani Rathnam's and Shrikanth films.
Reema Sen now has a film with Ajith.


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