Ajith  "I am also a conductor"

Among the most shining young stars of today, we can say without making any mistake that Ajith has the first place.

     Just like Sivaji, Kamal and Rajini, he constantly surprises us by always doing something inexpected in each of his films.

     Ajith has studied untill the 10th standard in the school of Elumbur Aassaan Memorial Senior Secondary ( Egmor). But he speaks English so fluently that it makes you wonder if he’s just only a gaduate.

    Ajith’s father, Mani, is originating from Tiruchur. His mother is come from a Shindie community of Calcutta.

    Ajith has worked as an automobile engineer within the compagny of Enfield. Afterwards, he worked for a while in a textile compagny. Enriched by the experience he had acquired in this firm, he then started his own business in the textile field. But he then experienced failures and losts.

     To earn pocket money, he went into the modeling field. Then the famous director and cameraman P.C. Sriram suggested he could become an actor, saying that he had a suitable face for this profession.

     Ajith has, on several times, paced up and down several cinema compagnies, an album in his hands, in search of acting chances.

     In 1993, he got his first role in a Telugu film. This film’s title is Prema Pustagam. His first Tamil film is Amaravathi.

     Very interested in motorbikes races, Ajith had a serious accident following his participation to one of these races, after the release of  Amaravathi.

     Ajith is the right person to illustrate the proverbe which says that “ That’s where the anger is that the kindness is”. He, who brings his support to poor children to permit them to study and also his financial help to people who must have a heart operation, thinks that his good deeds must be done discreetly.



    It must be noticed that many of the students who had got these helps are, today, doctors and graduates.

     Since the day he married his beloved wife Shalini, Ajith has dropped many of his bad habits. Even his habit of getting angry rapidly has disappeard. Beneath the appearance of Shalini, it’s, in reality, the luck which came up to him.

     After Raja, Ajith is now playing in two films. One of these films, produced by Roja Combines, is called Tiruda. Shaji Kaylash is the director of this film.The second film is called Villain! Kiran and Meena are associated to Ajith in this film which is directed by K.S. Ravikumar.

     Ajith tells us why  both of these two films have short titles: “ People must easily memorize the titles of films.Then, they’ll want to see these films. If the opening of a film is great, then the producers who  have invested money in this film can have profits of four or five laks. The title has also an important part in that.

     “ Some people ask me why I, who have given many chances to new directors before, I give more chances to more experienced directors now. Some subjects need to be done by directors who are more experienced. A.R. Murugadass, the director of Theena, and S.J. Surya, the director of Kushi are new directors.

     “ In the film Villain, I play the character of a conductor. Because this film is directed by someone like K.S. Ravikumar, I can concentrate at 100 % on my work of actor.

     “ Experienced directors can bring out my hidden talents of actor. Even if I am an actor, I consider myself first as an entertainer. My first goal is to make people happy. Producers shouldn’t suffer losts. My film is called Villain because it has a force in itself. And it will create expectations from people. There’s not heroism without villains. But yet, untill today, the gouvernment has not rewarded any of these villains.

     “ The film Villain has everything needed to win a National Award. According to K.S. Ravikumar, it will definitly win one. Ajith, who, for each of his films, brings some changes to his body has reduced his weight of 10 kgs and has also taken his moustache off for the film Villain. In this film, Ajith’s name is Siva.

     When Ajith said that Villain will probably be released for Deepavali, K.S. Ravikumar, who was next to him, hastened to confirm this statement.

     Ajith says: “ I have personal likings. But I’m ready to do anything to satisfy fans’ waitings, even if I don’t like the things I must do for that. The quality of a film, the songs it’s composed of, everythig is very important. I don’t believe in films which are directed in the aim of conveying a message. A message must be built up by itself. Many persons were afraid when the name of the villain Raaman has been given to the film Vaalee. But, in spite of it, many mothers have watched this film. This film was a success. If I’d taken care of my image when I was playing in this film, this one have had maybe not be a success.

     Two cameramen , Ashok and Murthi, have participated to the film Villain. The story of this film has been written by Yugee Sethu. The music of Villain is composed by Vithia Saagar.

     The hero Ajith is sure that his film Villain will satisfy his fans and also the others.                   


Source: Digicinema

              August 1 – 15 2002

Translated by Kavitha   

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