Ajith speaks out exclusively to us!!
Got introduced as Ajith in "Amaravathi" and got the love of all in "Asai" to reinstate his reign in "Valee", Ajith has come a long way. Here he opens his life to us,exclusively..

     I went to school only till 10'th standard. If there is something that I miss in life it is the school days.I was very interested in sports, not so much in studies , but my home was very encouraging in what I was interested and was not problematic in what I was not.

      My first turning point was the job that I got in 10'th std. It is tough to get a job when qualification is just 10'th std , but I was very lucky. My brother had a friend who used to work for Enfield motors. Through him I joined Enfield motors as an apprentice. I love bikes. I had 6 months training there, but my father did not like it. He said whatever shed you own or take dealership, the society will not respect you, so you better get a white collared job. I said "Fine!" and joined a garment factory run by my father's friend and worked as an apprentice, then grew up to become a mercantile and got a decent salary. So for companies stuff , I have traveled extensively all over India. I had to deal with many dealers from foreign countries since I was a mercantile and so I learned English through that , then I resigned that job. The best part of my family is that even when i started working in sixteen years they never discouraged me , neither did they encourage(!). I learned this character from them.


      My father is Tamil and my mother is Sindhi. So I had good command in Tamil,Hindi,Sindhi and English. I had French in my school but failed in that subject. After resigning my job, I started my own business of Fabric supply with over confidence. But it did not do well. We were four partners when we started, then after seeing the losses three of them quit.
"I thought it was 'HIGH(!!)' "

I was 20 years old then. I joined for a new job. After a month of my appointment I got cine chance. I used to do modeling as a hobby when I was in the garment company. I had met P.C.Sriram there. "It was an advertisement shoot for Hercules cycle.It was shot by shrirams company". After the shoot P.C.Shriram said that I have the potential to become a hero. I took it negatively and I thought it was "HIGH(!!)" to blabber like this.I never had a link or thought at that time for cinema.


This was in 1991. After finishing the telugu movie, "Amaravathi" got released.It was a hit,but I never got offers.At this time I had an accident.After which Subhash sir gave me "Pavithra" chance. This was a turning point, after two years of Amaravathi release.

Then I did "Aasai" after which I was recognized as a hero in Tamil field. then "Kadal Kottai" and I had four or five movies after that. "Nesam" in 1997 then "Raasi" and all that.Of these I distributed "Nesam" and "Raasi", all these movies were a flop and it was a loss for my distribution.

"I thought I may lose my life"

In 1998, I had "Kadhal Mannan", "Aval varuvala". And after that I had a surgery, then another one in 1999. During the '98 surgery it was on November 6'th and I got discharged on 16'th. then on 16,17 and 18,I had "Vaanil Kayuthe" shooting for songs. I had to do it with determination. I realised that it was only ten days after the operation, only after a guy came and asked me if I had an operation or was it a publicity stunt. I had the determination to win, thats all. In this operation, I thought I may lose my life, but I had to look confident outside.Some people say it is self confidence after I won, but I call it God's gift. I face problems head on. I will never run away from it. I want to teach this to my children also.

Then I did "Amarkalam" and won the love of shalini. We went for honeymoon, then I realised that "Unnai Kodu Ennai Tharuven" did not do well. This is not the director's mistake. It was my own miscalculation. Then I talked to Chowdry and told him that I will do another movie for him and it will be a sure shot hit. I found my composure after my marriage. I wanted everything to happen immediately. Shalini came and taught me that everything happens only when it should and asks me to be composed. I had to do it for her. All this I have heard from my mom, dad and all of them, but when your wife says...well...now I have to do everything after thinking a lot . My responsibility has increased manifolds. I have to bother that whatever I do will reflect on her. I have to watch my reputation now. I have to act well.


"I am very expressive"

I like to express my love. Some say that I hug and kiss my wife in public. But I don't have any problem here. I like to give that secure feeling to my wife . She has to feel that she is with HER husband. I like to do cooking also. After shooting we both used to cook. I don't want to share all my honey moon experiences, I respect my privacy. It's boring to be singing duet with my jeans on, but I am not getting good scripts. This "Citizen" that I am doing is a real life story and I am doing 9 get-ups. I am very excited about this film.

Says Ajith, as he bid farewell to us. We did the same with big wishes to the budding star.  

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