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The 'Aasai' hero isn't having the time of his life these days.

First, he has a series of flops. Then, there was the Income Tax raid. When we began to look into the reasons for this, there comes a planetary answer. "Things are going to be this bad for another year. His time is not going to improve for another year," says an astrologer (so, does that mean his new films are going to flop too?). "But after the year, he is going to make a remarkable come back. He will conquer new heights." An astrologer has been confusing and brainwashing Ajith with these promises.


Ajith's next                                

Ajith's next film is going to be 'Thirudaa'. After the colossal flop of 'Raja', the script is being reconsidered on his advice.                                       That will be the first time that KS Ravikumar and Ajith work together. It's an action film. Even before work actually began, the film seems to be doing big business. Ajith plays a bus conductor in this film. He says, "After 'Villian' I will not do romantic hero roles. My action films are making good box office collections, so its goodbye to love stories in future. 'Raja' will be my last and final love story." When Ajith made this statement during 'Villian's Press Meet, everybody was shocked. I heard that other actors are stunned at how different this guy could be. Even before the release of 'Enakku 20 unakku 18', Trisha has been booked for Thirudaa.


Mistakes Raja

  • Ajith returns to his village, hurt and upset by his girlfriend's death. In this background, he is seen doing a crazy number with Manthra. How exactly does the director plan to explain this sudden outpour of feelings of Ajith to Manthra? Isn't it wrong?

  • In college, Jyothika is seen in clothes that don't even reach her mid-thighs. It's impossible to wear such costumes to college.


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