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Ajith - Charan resolves differences!       04/18/03
'Erumugam' gets life...

A few years ago, posters had appeared all over the city. They had Ajith clad in 'veshti' and shirt, with a thick gold chain around his neck. The posters claimed that Ajith and Charan have reunited for 'Yerumugam'.

Soon, the film was buried without another word.

Director Charan and Ajith parted ways. "I shall never work with him again," Charan's proclamation followed Vivek's similar declaration.

They both have one thing to say right now, "Thanks Shalini."

Shalini was the one who had made them face the fact. "Both of you are commercially sale-able people. Why do you have to refuse to work with each other?" she asked.

The name 'Yerumugam' has been changed to 'Attagaasam'. This will be Ajith's film after 'Janaa' and 'Mahaa'.

Finally, the quarrel is over. In the recent past Charan's name has been associated with almost all the leading heroes like Shrikanth, Vijay and Madhavan. All those information are false. Charan's next film is going to be with Ajith.

'Attagaasam' begins in June or July.


Charan and Ajith have resolved their fight       04/11/03

Wild stories are making their rounds about Ajith's next film. First, Linguiswamy was said to be the director. Linguswamy had said so in interviews too. But, they had some misunderstanding about the salary. So, he walked out. Now, Charan is going to direct him.


Ajith results       04/05/03

During the new Formula BMW Asia series, the Indian Actor Ajithkumar , starting from 15th gird picked up the pace and drove a controlled race to eventually finished in the top ten. ”I am felling very happy today, as it was a much better performance compared to yesterday” he said “the problem was when we tested at the Johar Circuit we were just marginally slower than the fastest car. This led to overconfidence and complacency going into this week end. After yesterday, the team met and we decided that the most important thing for round two was to drive a good race and finish it and that’s exactly what we did. Now we can build on this performance for the rest of the season.”




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