Meena, Kiran
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Villain is the much hyped Diwali release of Ajith who appears in a dual role and is sure to please his fans who can see him fight, and do some MTV style dance numbers with two glamour girls who have tried to out beat each other. And for lady audience there are enough sentiments and the storywriter Yugi Sethu seems to be inspired by a few old classics like MGR’s Enge Veetu Pillai on twin brothers.

The story is as old as the hills. It is not of twins getting separated at birth, but twins’ running away from home, as the parents does not care for one of the child who is mildly retarded. The elder one Shiva, overhearing the parents plan to kill Vishnu (?), runs away to another city with his brother whom he adores. There he strives hard to look after Vishnu, till one day a small time dreaded ‘dada’ Sundara Moorthy (Fefsi Vijayan) who runs a beggar trade beats up Vishnu brutally and he becomes a handicap. Later Shiva takes Vishnu to a home run by a social worker (Sujatha) and leaves him there. Shiva is a conductor during daytime and is a Robinhood who steals from the rich and corrupt posing as the handicap Vishnu. He is never suspected as Vishnu looks exactly like Shiva and with the stolen money, he takes care of not only Vishnu but also 800 other institutions for physically handicapped in the state! A gang including Meena, Ramesh Kanna and two others assists him in the operations. A college student Lavanya (Kiran) falls in love with Shiva and later Shiva comes to know that she is the sister-in-law of the old villain who made Vishnu a handicap. Matters become worse when Sundara Moorthy becomes the chairman for the institute for physically handicapped and in a gore spashed predictable climax, Shiva eliminates him.

 The major drawback of the film is a predictable old story that we have seen a dozen times before and the director K.S.Ravikumar seems to be more interested to package Ajith as a male sex symbol who provides glamour, glitz through stylishly choreographed song sequences. However, the saving grace is Ajith’s performance as the innocent and handicap Vishnu and the seven peppy songs tuned by Vidyasagar. Is the theme song a clear lift from Ilayaraja’s classic Nayakan? Meena and Kiran have nothing much to do, but show oodles of glamour in the songs.

Verdict: Average


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