Unnai Thedi


  Director: Sundar.C
  Cast: Malavika

  Release: 05.02.1999

Ragu (Ajith Kumar) is an Australian-educated student who meets up with Malavika (character- and real name) in New Zealand. At first the two bicker but then fall secretly in love with one another. Before they can profess their love, they both have to return to India, though, separately.

In India, Ragu meets Prakash (Karan) who invites him to his hometown. In Prakash's hometown are a whole slew of new characters including Sivakumar, Rajiv, Jai Ganesh, Manorama, 'Kaka' Radhakrishnan, and Satyapriya. But the twist here is that Ragu is ALSO, like Prakash, a nephew of the family, the son of Srividya who was banished from the family for marrying the man she loved. So Ragu has to bring the two families together.

Another twist: Malavika, too, arrives, and she is also a niece of the family, making her, surprise surprise, Ragu's 'morru ponnu.'

The story now stands at the point where Ragu must bring the two families together without sacrificing his love.

A few surprises in the storyline and the clean execution make this a movie worth watching. The comedy track with Vivek and 'Kaka' Radhakrishnan is very enjoyable. All the actors cut neat performances -- especially Ajith Kumar, Sivakumar, and Karan -- and the movie, overall, works.

A few "suspenseful" dramatic sequences could have been cut, such as when Malavika hears Ragu's music and goes running up to see him, only to find someone else playing the tune (and having just missed Ragu). And the sequence where the handkerchief flies like that, indoors, is ludicrous. It zigs and zags and leads Ragu straight to Malavika.

But, despite all this, you're satisfied, having watched this movie.

A few good tunes such as "Malavika" and "Neethana." Nothing extraordinary, but certainly above average, to say the least.


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