Director: Ramesh Kanna
  Cast: Devayani, Heera, Manivannan

  Release: 15.01.1999


A watchable flick except for a few overly sentimental moments.

Ajith, a video game programmer in the city marries Devayani, born and brought up in the village. Devayani is extremely possessive (she buys Ajith a scooter so that he wouldn't come across ladies in the bus and then removes the pillion seat so that he doesn't give any other lady a lift!) and keeps an eye on him always.

Heera turns up as a secretary in Ajith's office and Devayani, mistaking their friendship, grows suspicious. She creates quite a few scenes, making life hell for Ajith and their 4 year old son.

Heera resigns her job to put an end to problems and Ajith goes to her house to talk to her but Devayani, who shows up there too, gives her a bad name in the community, forcing Ajith to take her home with him. This forces her to finally ask Ajith for a divorce. A few reels and a surprise revelations later comes the climax.

Devayani is the star of the movie, playing the role of the possesive wife to perfection and then earning the audience sympathy too. Ajith and Heera do their parts well. There are two separate comedy tracks out of which Vadivelu's - where he finds various means of having to take leave - induces a few laughs while Manivannan's - where he visits a series of strange households trying to find a girl - draws a blank. None of Ilaiyaraja's songs linger once the movie's over.


Review by Balaji Balasubramaniam

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