Director: Click here for Red Photo galleryRam Sathya
  Cast: Ram
Sathya, Priya Gill

  Release: 15.01.2002

What happens when you mix Rajini film dialogues with 'Nayagan'? You get 'Red'!

Director Ram sathya had proved that it is possible to create a 2 hour long screenplay without a trace of a story. The movie consists of bits and pieces of scenes, all of them singing Ajith's glory.

There exist 2 rowdies in Madurai. One of them is Ajith, whose story is being written in 'Ananda Vikadan' magazine by a writer (Rajesh). Ajith is unaware of it.

Inspite of the promise given to his lover, Ajith finds it impossible to give up his antisocial life.

At a stage, he finds himself falsely framed for murder, thanks to the scheming villains. The readers of his biography series in the magazine come to his rescue and he's given a new chance to start his life allover again.

Like 'Baasha', this movie is trying hard to elevate Ajith to Himalayan heights. This being the main motive, the villain's character is beautifully crushed. So what? 'Nayagan's scenes follow one after the other and Ajith's fans are in seventh heaven.

With his shirt collars pushed down to his back and with his hands on his hips (like a fully pregnant woman!) When Ajith thunders 'Adhu', the theatre rocks with whistles. When he gets angry, he reflects the title of the movie appropriately.

When Ajith fights for education and for the reedy, we grudgingly respect 'Red'. But later when he does atrocities for Anand's cricket match, we wonder what justification awaits this behaviour.

Click here for Red Photo gallery Nobody else seems to like heroine Priya Gill except Ajith. A mature expression and a face that's too 'North'y to suit the Madurai lifestyle makes her a bad choice for this role. Most notable blunder being the scene where she reaches the police station hearing about her father Manivannan's death. There is not even a slight hint of sorrow.

Though the film is extremely deprived of comedy, there is such an intense response from the audience when Ajith says, "People who carry my photograph around with them have faith in me". That and other such audience-prone dialogues that he mouths go well with the intended targets.

Deva's songs are very good. But picturisation by the director and a very routine choreography by Raju Sundaram had destroyed the visuals.

The 'Aanandha Vikadan' related parts, which were initially considered to be the only novel item about this movie, turns out to be nemesis towards the end.

Based on nothing but a mere story, people flocking out to support a real life rowdy is over imagination and totally unconnected to reality. Aanandha Vikadan's image and esteem had been badly let down.

If these hitches are to be ignored, 'Red' has a great potential. There are some very good impact laden scenes too. If only a little bit more effort was given in making the screenplay, the movie would have been another 'Naayagan' for Ajith and the director.

Had it been so, everybody else too would have 'enjoyed' the movie like Ajith's fans did. And they would have been howling with pleasure too.

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