Director: Ezhil
  Cast: Jodika, Priyanka Trivedi

  Release: 05.07.2002



It's Ajith's bad time that he's being forced to act in craps like these.

A few jokes scattered here and there that gives one the Magazine feel and a very poetic flashback- that's all that 'Raja' has to offer. The director has to rethink if it's really justifiable to make the audience sit and cringe in their seats for 2 and half hours.

Ajith is paranoid about getting married.
Jodika arrives at his place and begins to compel him to get married to her. The reason: Ajith was pouring his love out to someone else thinking that she was Jyothika!

Let's explain this. Under the cover of darkness
Jodika confesses her love for Ajith. Thinking that it was Priyanka Trivedi who was speaking to him, Ajith begins to love her. Suddenly, a villain pops out of nowhere and causes the death of Priyanka. Then, finally, after dillydallying for a very long time, the story ends with the coming together of the lead pair of Ajith and Jodika.

Jodika is Priyanka Trivedi's college senior. Priyanka Trivedi does the message girl task for Jodika, carrying her messages of love to Ajith. Ajith kisses her and she ends up falling in love with him. This love track is a beautiful Haiku. Priyanka has a nickname of 'curd rice' in this film. It's really tragic to see her die that way.

Ajith seems to carry the comedy sequences with Úlan. Looks like he has had fun acting with Vadivelu in many scenes.

Sometimes, one wonders if
Jodika is the biggest negative aspect of the film. Her patchy make up and her routine flat performance irritates the viewer.

If all these were not enough, there is SA Rajkumar's music score to annoy you further and make it all unbearable. The only song that sounds reasonably good is 'Karisal kaatu pennae'.

Director Ezhil has chosen a very mediocre plot and with a super mediocre screenplay, he has pushed 'Raja' to the depths of oblivion.


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