Sathyaraj, Anjala  Zhaveri 

   Prabu (Ajith ), a young man coming from a modest background, is looking for a job since 3 years now. He has put in to many jobs during these 3 years. Every time, Prabu had all the required qualifications for the job he applied for and he fulfilled all the conditions. Except one: In all the companies, he was demanded to pay a considerable amount as a caution deposit. And every time all his chances of getting the job were hanging on the payment of this caution. But, Prabu never had the means to pay such an amount and therefore, he didnít get none of these jobs.

When he applies for an umpteenth job in a big company heís once again demanded to pay an exorbitant amount. Determined to get this job at all costs, Prabu is ready to do  anything to obtain this amount as quick as possible. Even the worst things. So Prabu decides to kidnap someone so as to demand a ransom to the family of this person.The fate leads him to abduct Uma who happens to be the one and only daughter of Minister Duray Raj ( played by K.S. Ravikumar). Uma has never experienced real happiness and freedom because whatever she does, she has always been subjected to a close surveillance  (her father has hired two bodyguards so that his daughter couldnít be exposed to any danger).

It just so happens that, a little while later, Uma falls in love with Prabu and, before long, Prabu begins to love Uma too. In the meanwhile, Umaís parents hire Vaasu ( Sathyraj), a rowdy whoís ready to do anything for the sake of money, to find their daughter. The rest of the film is hanging on one simple question: Will Prabu and Uma be founded by Vaasu?



If you belong to the category of the viewers who arenít very exacting then, youíll not have any real difficulty in appreciating this film. The storyline is quite simple and, it must be said, is far from being original. Indeed many points of the film seem to be illogical and other are simply unconvincing. So, it seems not very plausible, for me anyway, that Uma falls in love with Prabu, and moreover so quickly. Especially as he has abducted her for money! How can a girl fall in love with a man who has kidnapped her with the aim of profiting from her? Personally I find it simply unbelievable! Of course, we can content ourselves with the explanation given in the film, that is Uma falls in love with Prabu because he has enabled her to taste real happiness and freedom. But this is a shaky explanation which doesnít really hold water. Unfortunately, the whole of the story is based on this shaky foundation. On the same way, Prabu also reciprocates Umaís love with lightning speed. It  all happens too fast.

I also found it was a great pity that director Ramesh Krishnan didnít attempt to develop the relationship between Prabu and his parents ( they appear only 5 or 10 minutes maximum in the whole film and, moreover, they are shown  as if they were completely kept out of things) and that he didnít either stress a little more on  the difficulties encoutered by Prabu in his look-out  for a job. I think it would have been a good thing, given that this is the starting point of the whole story. Seeing the film, I also had the unpleasant feeling that the director was trying to hasten things as the film was unfolding. As a result, what emerges from all this is the feeling of botching.

All in all, the quality of the film is telling on the lack of work from the director. Itís evident that no effort has been spared to make the film a lavish production. What a pity ! 


Ajith and Satyaraj have both managed to execute their respective characters in a good way. Both of them have a great potential and they both are excellent actors. So, I personally feel sorry that they both wasted their talent by acting in this unoriginal film and that 2 very good actors like them had been associated in such a banal film. I am sure that if it would have been a film of higher quality, Ajith and Satyaraj would have made an explosive duo. But, unfortunatly this isnít a film of higher quality. Iím sorry to say it but this film is simply far from being equal to their talent.

Anjela Zhaveri, for whom Pagaivan is the first film, is restricted to the glamour doll role. So, thereís no scope in her character.  Besides, Anjela has been seen again in 2001 in Ullam

Kollay Poagudae with Kaarthik and Prabu Deva. But she has disappeared ever since  and is now nowhere to be seen.


The songs are quite nice to hear, especially Oo my butterfly, Raajanae and Poo maalay. Besides, the  dancing choregraphy of  the song Raajanae, which is particularly well-done, deserves a special mention.


A thought is  crossing my mind now: In a recent interview, Ajith said that he has watched only 12 films among all those in which he has acted until now. Those films are the ones which had been well-received and appreciated by fans -  in other words, the best of his films.  Is Pagaivan one of these few fims ?     


                                                                                                         Review by Kavitha


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