Thanks to the Tamil Cinema Industry, I won people's heart by acting, I usually meet my fans for my birthday which is a special day but this year I was not able to face them, I have some obligations I don't even make a big party.  Because the day before I was not in Chennai I have been out. Then I heard that my fans came to Chennai in order to wish me, they waited a long time with hopes; but I did not go there! Anyway this year, I don't celebrate my birthday as well as last year. Moreover, I used to release one of my films on this day to make people happy. And this year I don't fulfil this wish! Reason: The movie “Jana”, in which I play the hero produced by Roja Combines, has M.Kajamaytheen as producer and Shaaji Kailas as director. The shooting is not completely finished; it is still going on. After Jana, I gave my call sheets for “Mahaa” from Nick Arts and produced by my friend S.S.Chakaravarty, then for “Aanjaneya” directed by Vallarasu M.Maharajan. And finally I act in the movie entitled "Attakasam" produced by B.Vijayam Combines and directed by Charan.


   Everyear for my birthday, in order to meet me face to face and wish me, my fans come to Chennai and for that they rent a car, a bus, or a van... It is so expensive for them; they spent a lot of money and at the same time it so tiring... They should understand that! They should not do that only for me. I am an actor as another one. 


   When I married Shalini in 2000 in April, few days later it was my birthday on May 1st. I made a big function in a theatre; my fans were united there and enjoy themselves. It was at the time when I heard them make fun, smile, be happy...


   During this moment, when I was sharing my happiness with my fan, a man came, smiled and said «For celebrating your birthday, you want a lot of people to take leave from their work, their house and their family!!!  Do you think you are the one who feed them? Absolutely not!! They are so poor, I feel sorry for them they get into debt to join your party. Have you ever thought about your parents? In fact how they feel?" He bombed me with questions. I and my lovely wife Shalini heard that then it hurt us a bit. Like that he cast a spell, we decided that day not celebrate my birthday at all.


   Your parents earned money by working really hard. So you should not spend it and use it for nothing because you want to wish me a happy birthday. Others actors and actresses can do whatever they want. I don't worry about it. First, my fans should hear and do what I say. They have to be a credit to their family. They have to take care about their house, family. Cinema is just a pastime. To make people happy is its rule. I don't want to use make of anybody for my personal matter. Please hear what I say. Don't make your parents cry or something else... They must be important for you!


    I am just an actor. I hope the movie, in which I act; my fans would watch it and appreciate it. I would choose good stories to succeed you to make you smile. In fact this is my job and my wish! My films would be super hits.


   If I have a fan who earns money, if he works for his parents I would be the happiest and the most delighted person in the world. I play in order to make money and save my family from the poverty.


   My fans should wish me a happy birthday from their houses. Their wishes would be heard by my heart. Wherever I am, I am happy to know that people love me.  In the same way, wherever you live, I have place for my fans in my heart.


   Besides, I don't know if I will share my birthday with you next year, if the circumstances will allow me. I go on acting in this Industry and make super hits. It is real! Janna will be as well as you think. Work hard and think high!   

Translated by Shally

May, 2003

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