Perarasu interview - 22/09/2005

What according to you is the essential quality in an action film?
Action does not mean fights alone. All fights are not action sequences. There are several films where fights have been minimal, yet the impact huge. This is due to the power in the action. Nayakan, for example. In Tiruppachi, there are not many fights except in the climax.

What is the emotional relationship with the viewers in the case of action films?
See, an action sequence becomes successful only if the audience can be convinced. It has to create a huge outcry against the villain and goad the hero to strike. Without creating this emotional upheaval, action reduces to mere violence.

Tiruppachi showed the brother-sister sentiment. What about Sivakasi?
It is also a family entertainer, but the canvas is vast.

What special characteristics have you added to Vijay's role?
The greatest factor has been the hitherto unseen aspect of Vijay's talent for comedy.

Who are the collaborators with Vijay in the comedy track?
No big names, Benjamin and Chittibabu to mention some.
Vijay has performed better than in Tiruppachi.

Will Tirupathi form a new chapter in your career? Why do you choose only names of places as titles?
I knew within two months of starting work on Tiruppachi that it would be a hit. Similarly, when I asked Vijay, he agreed for Sivakasi and it is shaping up well. I am very sure that it would also be a big hit. As I feel sentimental about this trend, I am going places.

Tell us how you landed the Tirupathi assignment?
I was in Karaikudi shooting for Sivakasi when I received the call from AVM. I met Saravanan sir after a week and did not imagine that I would be asked to direct a film. Saravanan sir said that AVM wanted me to be the director of their next film. Ajith would be the hero. I readily agreed. I told them a simple story which appealed to all. Ajith was only too happy and offered full cooperation.

Is the script ready?
Sivakasi developed during Tiruppachi. Tirupathi is shaping up during Sivakasi. I always work on my next project with the current one..

What is special about Tirupathi?
Tirupachi was about sisterly affection and Sivakasi deals with mother's affection. Tirupathi will be the lexicon for friendship.

When will shooting start for Tiruapthi? Who is the heroine?
December 1. Sadha is the heroine.

You are such a soft-spoken film. You belie the image of your films which have so much spice.
My experience of 15 to 16 years in the industry has taught me to analyze the pulse of the audience. I give them what they want.

You trained under Rama. Narayanan. But your films do not show his influence.
When you are an apprentice, you can pick up the skills.
You cannot acquire creativity. I honed my skills under Rama. Narayanan.

What was Vijay's response to the announcement of Tirupathi with Ajith?
Vijay congratulated me and wished me good luck. On Tiruppachi launch, Ajith was away in Kumbakonam and wished me over phone. It is only the outsiders who think that Vijay and Ajith are at loggerheads. They are the best of friends as far as I know.

The industry is still not convinced about your consistency.
I fully agree. Your first film is only a start and you have a long journey ahead. I am sure that my journey will take me to the summit and make my films popular amongst the audience. I thank behindwoods, for the chance to let me voice my views.

By T.Muthukumar

Behindwoods correspondent


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