"My only Aim is to Win"

Ajith is an actor who had become a frontline hero without any background whatsoever, and is being referred as 'Ultimate star' by his fans. Though he had many operations in the past, he is working tirelessly in the film field with only one aim. That is to win, come what way!
Apart from his love for Cinema, he was also passionate about participating in car races. Now he had reduced that fervor, and is concentrating in films more and more. He met the media just after the release of his film 'Ji'. We met Ajith at his Raja Annamalaipuram Office. He talked to the press without any artificiality.

Now, over to Ajith

"As far as the film 'Ji is concerned, that film had come out satisfactorily. I do believe that I have done my part correctly. The initial response for this film, also is good.

I have only one aim that is to win. I am working hard to reach that target. I am searching for the people on daily basis who would help me to get there!

Recently, there were criticisms about the way I look. They say that I look fat and I have a belly etc.. "A man, who may have many plus points' will also have minus points too. But usually, people used to talk only about the minus points, that is the world".

daily even now. In this situation, there will be changes in any person. If people are going to point these things as the way of criticizing, how can I accept these? One should not view all the things through tinted glass".

"Many people are asking me about my next film after the film 'G'. But I am not opening my mouth regarding that. When I was acting in the film 'Villain'. I didn't say anything about that film and that had turned out to be a successful film. Why I am mentioning this is that, if I am to talk about my next film, expectations are mounting. Then the film may not fulfill those expectations".

"Rajini had given many super hit films. But some of his films also flopped. When that happens, can he be faulted for that? Here, in this Cine field, both success and failure are ordinary things. So I am not going to say anything about my next film, and create an expectation and then let down my fans, if the film didn't' come out good".

"I have planned to tour 20 districts within this year alone, to meet my fans".

Ajith said this with the assured tone of a confident man.

We wished him all success and took leave of him.


Source: Cinesouth

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