"My best is yet to come" Ajith Kumar

Ajith Kumar is Tamil industry's rebel without a real cause. He does not party with his colleagues in Nadigar Sangam nor does he try to promote his films or himself through the electronic media. He keeps a safe distance from the glitz and glamour world though he is the enigmatic superstar of Tamil. He is the "King of Opening", and does things his way as he tries to "green the drab Chennai environment" by inculcating civic consciousness and encouraging people to plant saplings.
On the eve of the release of his latest film Ji, Ajith spoke in detail to Sify.com sitting in his posh Abhiramapuram office. Excerpts

Your last release Attagasam took a fantastic opening but was not able to sustain. Please comment.
I don't want to do a postmortem. I am as unhappy as my fans are, if a film of mine does not do good business. For a critic- a film is a review, for the public- it is just another film which will entertain them, but for Ajit Kumar- it is my life. Please understand that if a film does not do well it affects me the most.

You waved your salary so that the film could be released. Is that true?
Yes , it is a fact and after the film took a bumper opening the producer refused to spent money on publicity and nowadays for any product to be sold, it has to be advertised. As an actor I can assure that my films get a great opening but for a film to sustain its box-office collections the producer has to promote the film. In most of the cases my films suffer due to this.

Why is it that all your films get into financial mess by the time it gets ready for release?
(A long pause) "Dishonesty".

Ji release has been postponed for a couple of times. What's the reason?
(snaps) Why should I tell you that. It's a matter between me and my producer. There is no need for me to explain the reason behind it.

Tell us something about Ji?
I hate to talk about my films as I believe that the film should do all the talking. My only concern for a film is that it should bring revenue to all people concerned with it. My fans and audience should get their "paisa vasool". If not for my fans I wouldn't be here.

Is Ji about student politics?
(Breaks into his winsome smile) Ji has a political background. It is set in a campus milieu and is the story of one man who takes on the establishment. The film is based on one incident that happened in director Lingusamy's college days, at Kumbakonam. We have used cinematic license and expanded this incident to tell a story.

Your critics say that you don't work with established directors?
I am very sorry to say that you have not been following my career.
Saran `ji' started his career with me and we have so many hits together. S.J Suryah's first film Valee was a super hit and see where he has reached now? My directors and me we grew together. I am willing to take the risk and look at their potential and the spark in them while signing a film and it has always paid off. Don't forget that I have also worked with established directors like K.S.Ravikumar and now Lingusamy.

Recently you are on a "green campaign" and speaking about civic sense and giving support to planting trees. Please comment.
I want to use my so-called fame and popularity by bringing social awareness. The public thinks of me as an icon and I believe that "We the People" have some responsibilities towards our society. We have good politicians, but as citizens let's first get together and do something good for ourselves and people around us.

I am trying to share the responsibilities of the government. People should stop blaming politicians and start taking care of our environment. What I have to tell them is-cleanliness starts from your home. Keep your houses clean, keep your road clean, segregate garbage and watch and see - Our city becomes clean!

What are your future plans?
My best is yet to come. My next film will be Ravikumar's Godfather and then it will be Bala's film. I am also doing a Selvaraghavan film. I haven't committed for any other film.

Your competitors are walking away with the box-office. What is your strategy?
In an industry where people change loyalties like changing their undergarments, I want the audience to decide. I will be around even after 20 years from now giving my best.

Source: Sify

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