In politics, Iím everybodyís man 

Source: ďKalaymaamani AjithĒ

                 January 2003


The name Ajith is a synonymous with the word ďconfidenceĒ. Without having any background, Ajith entered cinema all by himself. His self- confidence permitted him to climb the career ladder and, today, Ajith has a place of his own in cinema.

       Everybodyís ambition is to carve out a place in cinema after having succeeded in other  fields. But Ajith is an exception.

      Before becoming an actor, Ajith was a champion in the field of motorbikes races. Today, he has win renown in cinema and has achieved success in it. However, he hasnít forgotten his passion for motorbikes races. Now, he participates to car races again and has decided to leave a bit cinema out so as to devote more time to his passion. Ajith has, for the first time, taken part to a race which recently took place in Chennai and has won an award which is dedicated to the best new participants.

      The new goal of Ajith is to participate to the car race which is about to take place in Asia so as to bring honnour and fame to India.

       For that, heís thinking of participating to the different races of the ďAsia automobile raceĒ  which will take place in several foreign countries. In total, there will be 14 races in 6 countries.

       We met Ajith, who is about to leave for Spain so as to have a training there Ė a training which should permit him to win the ďAsian CupĒ.

       First, we asked him questions in keeping with cinema:


Villain is going well at the box-office at the moment. In this film, youíve got into the part of a character that nobody suspected youíll play...

       I did what I had to do in this film. I did what the director asked me to do. Thatís  all. Today, Villain is a success. I have to forget Villain. Thatís all. Henceforward, I must concentrate on my next film. Itís not me but the people who have  to talk about Villain. If Iím too enthusiastic about the success of Villain, my attention wonít be focused on my next film.



The duet KS Ravikumar-Ajith has worked out well. Will this continue in this way?

        Sure. Even if Iíve already worked with many directors, KS Ravikumar is the one to have pleasantly suprised me. At the start, I werenít thinking of working with him. Because heís a straight forward person. According to some people, heís the kind to often get angry. And so am I. I was afraid of having a unfortunate misunderstanding with him if we worked togheter. Thatís why I hesitated to act, at first. Then SS Chakravarthy, the producer of  ďNic ArtsĒ encouraged me to do it, telling me that he would take care of everything. So, I acted. Only later, I understood that KS Ravikumar is a very friendly person. Heís a very talented person  who respects the opinions given by his assistants! Iím proud to have acted under his direction. 

If  I have this chance, Iíll only act in one of his own films. Or in one of own films produced by ďNic ArtsĒ. That would be my pride.


 To the bitter end, you didnít mention anything about the mentally handicapped character youíve played in Villain ...

       Why should I have said something about this character? Iíve played various characters previously, in Citizen and in Red. These films had been given a lot of publicity, mentioning that ďAjith is playing in such and such wayĒ. It created a lot of expectations among people. But the flms werenít equal to their expectations. The films didnít meet with the success we expected they would have. From that time, Iíve taken a decision: from now on, thereís no question of me giving any detail about the characters Iím going to play in my films. Thatís why I didnít mention the mentally handicapped character of Villain. Itís thrilling only if  the suspense is there.



In some of your films, youíre called ďtalavaaĒ (ď bossĒ) or ďtalayĒ. Are you thinking of entering politics?

      Politics? Me? (He laughts). Once more, I repeat that Iím not interested in politics. I may have said some dialogues in some of my films. But it was only with the aim of making people happy. Otherwise, I have nothing to do with politics.

      I respect politicians. There are maybe a lot of people who, by seeing the example set ďKalaygnarĒ and by other politicians, would like to follow in their footsteps in life. But  politicians are the only ones to know how much they had to sacrifie to manage to get the position which are theirs today. So, politics arenít a game, itís serious. People wonít be taken in all those declarations like ď Iím the leaderĒ and by all those build-ups. Bacause today, people know. They know that there are such and such person in politics, such and such person in cinema and such and such person in cricket. We are the ones to get it all mixed up by not understanding it.

      If I have said some dialogues which had something to do with politics in some of my films, it was as the actor Ajithkumar and not because I have the intention of entering politics.

      I admit one thing: one year ago, I was trapped by a band of jalras. I understood it only after some time. I didnít knew how to manage to get out of this situation.

      I am the only one to know all the difficulties I had succeeding in it, during a whole year. Iím not the only one to have experienced it. These jalras are around all the actors. As soon as two films are hits, they stick to us like glue. They flatter us by saying incessantly things like ďYouíre the boss, youíre greatĒ and they make us fall into their traps. In several times, Iíve lost some of my friends because of  the jalras. This is the truth. Other actors mustnít have to suffer from this situation. I pray for it. Only a few months have passed since I got rid of these jalras. Now, I donít accept them around me.


     I wish to be everybodyís man in politics. And so am I. If you take the example of my wedding, politicians like ď KalaygnarĒ came to it. Why did they come? In my opinion... My wife has been acting since she was a child. So, they maybe came because they regard Shalini as a child belonging to their family. Why did they come? They came because they knew that I donít have no particular preference in politics.

     When jalras were around me, they tried to press me to enter politics, with the hope of winning renown in politics thanks to me. I almost fell into this trap. I escaped from it at the last minute. The jalras fool all the actors so as to get what they want. Among us, among the actors, thereís a good competition, a healthy competition. We get along well. But itís because of the jalras that the missensions begin. They report some presumed things I would have said to such-and-such actor and things that such-and-such actor would have said to me. They succeed in ďletting a fireĒ among us and, then, they vanish. As far as I know, all the actors are kind. They have a family and some of them are married and have children. Each of them do their job to the best of their capacities. But some jalras fool them and act out on self-interest because they want to become counsellor or something. By putting our trust in those jalras, weíre trapped. Now, thereís no jalras. I can do films without being bothered. I can also think a lot.


Youíve acted in a different way, so far. But now youíre starting to act in films which have 4 fights and 5 songs...

What can I do? We have to give to people the kind of things they like. Mugavari is a film that I like a lot. I took a lot of pleasure in doing this film. What happened? It was a flop. So, when the directors determine the scenes in which I have to act and tell me that itís in this kind of scenes that fans expect me to act, I canít oppose to it... First, Iím an actor. Itís my duty to make fans happy.


As an actor, you earn billions. You have millions of fans. Do you really need to  go into car racing?

     Everybody knows that before becoming an actor , Iíve participated to many races. Itís not new. .. My life career has changed in the past 10 years, Iíve been through many ordeals after having entered cinema and today, Iím recognized as an actor. Today, I have a lot  of responsibilities. I canít act in 5 or 6 films like I used to do in 96-97. Today, there are a lot of expectations. So, itís better for me to choose good scripts and to act in good films so as to come up to these expectations. It doesnít concern only me but all the actors. Thatís why Iíve decided to act in only 2 films per year from now on. There will be a film which will be released on the 1st of May, on my birthday and  another film which will be released on Diwali. It will be like that from now on. 

      It will take 3 months to finish a film. In total, il will take 6 months to finish 2 films. It might take 7 months. So,  I will spend 200 days acting in a year. It will take 50 days to hear the scripts. Suppose Iíll take some days to travel with my family. In the end, I have 70 or 75 days.

     Itís my life ambition to participate to races. For as long as I can remember, Iíve always wished to drive cars and motorbikes. Itís still my whish. Itís a dream. But after having become an actor, I couldnít fulfill this dream. During the past 10 years, every night I slept, I did it with a certain pain in my heart because I was unable to fulfill my dream: to carve out a place in the field of car racing. India has achieved a lot in this field since the past 2 years. Indian drivers are famous at an international level. Iíve thought about it and I have taken a decision. Iíve  said to myself that now that Iíve made a name for me in the Tamil cinema, I wanted to be famous at the international level. Moreover, I want to achieve in sport. I canít say  if  Iíll come first or second... Iíll try, thatís all.

     I participated to the race which took place in Chennai. Twenty-three persons took part to this race, in total. I won the ďBest Novels CupĒ, which is given to those who, among the newparticipants, finish the race among the best times. For me, this cup is like a tonic. Itís  just like the encouragements that you get when one of your films is a success.   

Translated by Kavitha 


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