"Ajith is pure dynamite" Lingusamy

Lingusamy is in the hot-seat as his Ji is getting ready for release on February 4 starring Ajith, and Trisha. Lingu as he is popularly known started work on Ji immediately after his last release "Run", more than two years back. Now Lingu is on the verge of hat trick after his first two films- "Aanandam" and "Run" were super hits. The directed talks to Sify.com about his new film: Excerpts


What is Ji all about?
Ji is set in Kumbakonam and has a rural campus milieu in the first half. It is a pucca commercial film with all ingredients in the right mix. Ajith plays a student leader and becomes a part of a movement due to the machinations of a local MLA who is a rowdy element. Trisha plays a village lass who is in love with Ajith.

Is there a lot of politics in the film?
The base of the film is campus politics and how corrupt politicians spoil the peaceful atmosphere in the campus due to their gross interference in college elections. How elections are held in rural area is the key to the film.

Does Ajith have any political dialogues or ideology in Ji?
Ajith has done a fantastic job in the film. He is pure dynamite as the student leader who takes upon the corrupt system followed by the local MLA. He not only opposes the MLA but contests the assembly elections with the support of student community.

Does Ajith become a student leader or Chief Minister in the film?
I don't want to reveal more about the story (smiles). Ajith is going to get a lot of accolades for his character and he has evolved as an actor with Ji.

What according to you is the major strength of your films
My strength has always been my scripts like in "Anandam" and "Run".
I am also particular about packaging that is very important these days and Ji will have a different look and feel about it. I don't want to make films in the same genre. If Anandam was a family entertainer, Run was an action film an now Ji will be in a different genre.

How have the songs shaped out? Your song picturisations were always good. Please comment.
I try to make songs as a part of the narrative in my last two films.
The good news is that songs of Jicomposed by Vidyasagar are foot tapping and have been picturised to my 100 percent satisfaction.


Source: MovieBuzz


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