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Ajith, as hot as always...An exclusive interview...

Ajith talks to our Behindwoods Reporter in this exclusive interview.
Always an extrovert, Ajith refused to answer some of the questions.

Why did your previous films "Anjaneya" and "Jana" not perform as expected?

First, both the stories attracted me very much, but the people's expectations were too high. Moreover, there were lot of mistakes, storyline wise and production wise. Some, in the industry began to cry, that my market was over. I am not saying it is Vijay who has said this. Both of us have no enmity with each other. Some goons in the industry would always float rumors. As far as Vijay is concerned I love his acting and he too loves my acting.

Sometime ago you have announced that you will not participate in Car races. Are you afraid of death?

Afraid of death? Me?! My personal philosophy is that each man born in this world starts weeping at the time of his birth. Life itself is a battle field. Its not easy to become successful in all your ventures. If you want to win in games, you will have to work hard. I began to participate in car races since my childhood days.
I wanted to achieve something in the car race at the international level. I came third in the last car race when there were lot of people from all over the world participating in the race. Many started blaming me, that I began to neglect my acting , because of my participation in the car races. That is why I have announced that for the time being, I am not participating in any car races.

There are a lot of directors and new faces flourishing in the Tamil film Industry. What is your opinion about it?

Film industry is an ocean. Many come and go and some stay back. Only a few people like me would continue. If any one thinks that the audiences are fools, then they are the biggest fools.
Unless you toil day and night, you can't achieve the desired goal in you life. It need not be cinema alone, but anything.

What you have learnt from the film Industry?

One must have the self-confidence in himself. One should not brood over or feel sad about the comments passed by others.
Whatever be the little opportunity one gets in the film, they must try to exploit it in a good way, so as to prove himself, that he is worthy of it. The film industry is like a Jungle (forest) and one must act as a lion of the jungle. Steadfastness alone helps to continue in the film industry and one should not feel tired at any time.

Source: Behindwoods


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