Changing gears is inevitable  


The disappointment was all there to see. But the actor in him did well to shrug it off, accepting the inevitable turnaround. Changing gears in life and in motor sports, is no big deal for the one, who knows a thing or two about success, and failures. 

Ajith Kumar, the actor in question, says that films will be his only priority now. 'My sojourn in motor sports is over. It did not turn out the way I had expected, trying to do the balancing act. A stage comes when some important decisions in life are to be taken. Mind you, it was not an easy one, giving up something which was so much close to my heart." Does it mean accepting the failure, in not making enough headway in a demanding sport? 'Defeat is an alien word in my dictionary. Besides the expense factor, motor sports is a time consuming one. It was eating a lot of my time and getting sponsors was difficult unless the performance spoke for you. Not that I did badly but it boiled down to a stage where it hit me that it does not pay to be neither here nor there.'

Now that the focus is back and at the right place, Ajith says it will be films and more films till his legs start complaining. He has pinned a lot of hopes on Attagasam cracking the whip at box-office.

'Had always hit it off well with director Charan. Having the same wavelength is one big advantage. More often than not, it is a question of sharing ideas and picking the best from the lot.'

Invariably, Ajith had sparkled in dual roles. 'Vaali was the turning point. Director Suryah brought out the other facet of me in the role of my lifetime. The character was so unlike of me. Still if I emerged trumps, it had to be the way it was handled.'

Ajith wondered whether anyone else could have sustained in the industry with so many flops - five to be precise, he shows his right hand. 'Thankfully, Vaali, Amarkalam and Mugavari happened, one after another. Had always believed that all it takes is just one good result to put at rest the unsavory moments. Luckily, my fans have been always patient.They have always coaxed me to come out better every time.'

published Wednesday, September 01, 2004

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