Actors and Horses -Ajith compares! 

Source: Cinesouth

published on 27.07.2004

Who is the next SuperStar? After Rajini told in one meeting that SuperStar status can not be a trust properly of any one. Any one can become Super Star if he is accepted by people. 

From them on, Ajith has been talking about being a Super Star! When one of his films failed, he said his time was bad, the second one flopped, he said it is all because of planetary position, give me one year to prove it. After Anjaneya's release and its flop, he felt that he was under the Bodhi Tree!

Wisdom dawned on him. He said, it is all because of his multifaceted personality. " I love car race, I love flying! Will all these interests, if I act in films, perhaps my concentration on the character is diluted. Hence the problem".

He has promised to keep car, plane and all other interests away and concentrate only on film. Let us see! What happens to 'Ji'.

Ajith stares and said "Wait! Just wait, I have series of pictures to come., 'Ji', 'Attagasam', 'Mirattal' - let them all come, you yourselves will call me Super Star. Take for example MGR, He was called Puratchi Nadigar and then Puratchi Thalivar. In Rajini's time it has changed to Super star. When my time comes what is it going to be! Anyway, I will prove I am No.1.

Then he gets into philosophy! Actors are like horses. They should keep on winning. If some how one horse fails, it will be shot! That is all.

But, I am winning horse! I would prove that I am Super Star! Or I am No.1 hero in the field! Wait for one year!

Ajith asks for time! Why not give him! Ajith! You take it!

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