Chasing his dream on the fast track 

Source: By Deccanherald

 published on 21/03/04


Tamil actor Ajith, who is passionate about motor sports, is making his debut on the international racing circuit. 


A real-life hero? Perhaps film actor Ajith is well on his way to becoming one. With his debut on the international motor racing circuit making news, and going by his ability to turn all that he touches into gold… despite setbacks, hiccups and all… actor Ajith Kumar might just end up as India’s most popular star on the motor racing horizon. 

After a string of high-budget flops in recent times, Ajith is perhaps making a smart move by publicising his motor racing. But there is more to it than a mere publicity stunt. The actor is really passionate about the sport. 

He has already met half a dozen corporates to come together to lay out India’s first Formula 1 racing track. “If just 10 corporate groups come forward to do it together, it would be an easy job”, Ajith says adding, “It would also be a smart investment”.

The fact that he is making his debut on the international racing circuit at 32 does not faze him. “The inimitable Fangiou started racing when he was 38”, he says. 

Ajith Kumar is however not about to turn his back on films. “Cinema has given me everything so far, money, fame, and even the money to take up motor sports”, he says in all honesty, adding, “but I will not be doing as many films as before, perhaps one a year”, he says. 

With the racing season the world over extending from March to September, Ajit plans to work on his films from October to February. But it is March now and the star is still in Chennai, trying to complete shooting for his forthcoming film Ji, with actress Trisha. 

But producer Linguswamy of Ji is only too ready to oblige his friend and has planned for the remaining song and dance sequences to be shot in Scotland, where Ajith will be during this racing season. 

In the middle, Ajith will also be making short trips to India to complete the film, well in time for an August release. His other film Jana is mostly done. After the resounding flop of Anjaneya last year, Ajith hopes that Jana, aimed at the box office will be a hit. 

“The passion for racing did not evolve overnight”, Ajith insists. Before he got into films, Ajith had been into the national motorcycle championships, in the 110 CC category - until the year 1993 - when his first film Amaravathy was made. 

It costs a cool Rs 2.5 crore to sustain a year on the racing circuit, which includes the cost of hiring BMW racing cars, practicing on foreign tracks, and the stay abroad. 

In the 2003 Formula BMW Asia series, with 29 points, he finished 12th in a pack of 20. Ajith now is getting ready for the much more tougher 2004 British F3 Formula Scholarship Class in the Class B group. “I aim to finish in the mid-pack in the British F3 this year”, he says with confidence. An act? No. Wait for the action. 

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