My range will be different!

He's off to England to take part in the Formula-3 races there. Shuttling between acting and racing, Ajith has a lot to speak of these days. And it's mostly about motor racing. Some quotable quotes from the actor:

"In two years it's going to be a very very big sport in Asia!"

"The sport needs sponsors badly. It's not just a sport today. During the race, tourism develops, we can generate crores of income. It's a very big sport waiting to be tapped."

"Narain Karthikeyan couldn't afford the expenses, otherwise he would surely have driven the Ferrari-1. If I had Rs 20 crore, I would have definitely sponsored him!"

"Winning is different, participating is the main thing. A sport-race driver abroad gets the respect a film star gets here."

"The government can abolish or reduce duties on imported race cars. If about 10 cars are brought into the country, people will get to have a look at them and be familiar with them."

"I'm representing a country of 100 crore people. Out of a 100 crore, only five people till date have driven the Formula-3 in Britain."

"Last year, I participated in about 13 races."

"I need support from corporates. Let them come forward and sponsor. I will surely not be a disaster!"

"I need the support of the press. Not as an individual but as a representative of this country."

"I have no doubt at all where my acting career is concerned. I know exactly where I will be in 2005. Then my range will be different!"

"Films today get support from corporates who advertise their products. 'Castaway' had a courier company well advertised in it. Five years ago, it wasn't possible."

"I have my principles in life and I follow them. Two years ago, some companies approached me to endorse their products and act in commercials. But I refused. I'll use only the products I like. I'll never compromise whatever money they offer me. I'm clear about this. I get enough from films to support my family."

"Sachin, Schumacher, Ganguly all endorse products and act in commercials. I too need the money. But I'll never do a commercial!"

"I may lose or win but I never give up till I achieve my goal!"

Malini Mannath
Published on 7th April, 2004


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