I want to be a superstar

Ajith is one actor who does only two films a year. In eleven years, he has to his credit 38 films of which many were hits. On personal front, the actor came fifth in the final leg of the Formula Maruti class car racing championship and 12th in the Formula BMW Asia series. This year he is all geared up to participate in British F3 formula scholarship class. All this is viewed by the film industry with cynicism. Since the buzz doing the rounds is that Ajit has lost interest in films and is more into his current passion - car racing, the actor decided to speak to the media to clear matters. He also spoke about the website FlyingTaurus.com that he launched recently.

What was the reason to launch a website now?
This website has all information about me. It will bridge the gap between me and my fans.

What are your plans regarding car racing?
I will be abroad till October taking part in Formula Car racing. This time I am taking part in 12 races. I am part of the Patrick Robertís Mango Racing team. I am now taking part in the A category in which only two other Indians are present. After that, from November to February, I will do films. It means two films a year.

What are your current assignments?
I have just finished Jana. Ji is nearing completion. I want to finish Attakasam before I leave but I donít think that is possible. In that case I will have to return to complete the work. I will start Maha after the races.

Why are you taking a risk which will affect the producers too?
Let me make this clear. I will take money from the producers only after I come back from the races. Maha is the only film that I will do after the races. Anybody who does something different is ridiculed. I know some people are making fun of me. All I ask is please donít discourage me. Success in my effort means fame to Tamil films also. Those who watch my races will be interested in knowing about my films and thereby a new audience will be created. The global market will increase. Tell me, just because one lady died during pregnancy, will all the other ladies shying away from getting pregnant?

I am sure that even if I donít succeed, my efforts will be applauded. And car racing like cricket will become popular in India. I am only accelerating it. Films are my work while car racing is my passion. I will never give up films. It is because of films that I am able to pursue my passion.

Have you got sponsors for racing?
My yearly budget is Rs 3 crores. My sponsors should understand my star value. I have 48,000 fan clubs. At the minimum, each fan club has 25 members. It means 12 lakh members. My car racing will be viewed by all these fans. My potential for the sponsors is much bigger than they imagine.

What is your position at the box-office?
(Laughs) I am like a horse with reins and anyone can come beside me but should anyone cross my path, I will trample them. It is human tendency. I am not here to play games like having to mouth loaded dialogues in films or giving alms to families of fans who die of stab wounds. Time will decide my place in the industry.

I am very frank and dare to speak my mind unlike many here. Also I donít think there is anything wrong in saying that I wish to take over the superstardom throne which Rajnikant said is vacant? My ambition is to be a superstar.

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Apr 07, 2004



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