If I stop acting...

  I do carry an attitude. And I am prepared to face the consequences, says Ajith.
Kadhal Mannan, Ajith Kumar was in Chennai yesterday and the press did not waste time in getting into the act to get some mileage. This is what he said.

About your passion in car racing?
 I took part in Formula BMW Asia series for the year 2003 and finished 6th. I feel proud to have represented India in the competition. This year I will feature part in F-3 Formula in the scholarship class section. I am going to England for this purpose from March 16th to the October 3rd.

How do you manage both car race and cinema?
 My first entry into films was as a motor racer. I am an actor only after that. Acting is my profession. Car racing is my passion.
It got imprinted in my mind ever since I was a child. I am doing 'Jana', 'Ji', 'Attagaasam' right now. The shooting is going as planned. And let me tell you something, I will not leave cinema for car racing.

Will you accept more movies from the next year?
 I will do a couple of films per year. My passion for car racing will not affect my film career, because I don't act when I race and I will not race when I act. It's as simple as that. I know that some people are sympathizing with me. I don't need that. If I stop acting.
It's my loss and I should be the one who should worry about it. Not others. Anything new will always meet with opposition. When Graham Bell invented Telephone, people didn't accept it immediately. Today  cell phone has become a neccessity. Wright brothers did not get the encouragement when they started to build the first flight. Now, it is the most favored transport option for travellers abroad. Some people scorn at me for my passion in car racing. I may lose in the race. But my efforts will not go in vain.

What kind of companies are you expecting sponsorship from for your endeavour?
 I am not particular about it. It could be a cigarette company or a popular whisky brand. What I am concerned is that car race should be popular.

What's your position in the industry today?
 I would not like to comment about it or anybody else to comment on it.

What about the effect of your attitude?
Don't you like people to talk straight (The response is Yes).
That's enough. I am prepared to face the problems due to this. Do people stop conceiving after one woman dies in the process?

 How is the support from your family?
Nobody can achieve anything without the support from family. My parents have never discouraged me.

 What's your destiny in Cinema?
 Only time will tell. I am very determined to walk in the straight line that I have drawn for myself. Anybody can walk beside me, but once somebody tries to cross me, I will trample them, for sure.

This is what he said. His parents and wife Shalini were also present during the interview.

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