Leave me alone

Ajith had always been the center of some controversy or the other. We thought it would be a good idea to speak to him. And, we got a chance while he was shooting for 'Ji' at Coimbatore.

After some formal talks, we got into a serious discussion.

"Did you see 'Anjaneya'?" we asked.
"I did. I rushed to the theatres to see the film straight from the airport. I was so tired that I felt asleep half way through."

There is a talk that your unnecessary breaks is the reason why your film quality suffers. What do you feel?
Did you see what happens when I don't interfere? I had worked continuously for more than 40 days to complete the film before I went away to take part in the races. The director said that the film is turning out very well and that it will be a superhit. It's only these words that make us sign up films. Usually, in my films, they show me the rushes and ask my opinions. I give my suggestions. They consider them sometimes and the films have done very well. But, the new director didn't want to be that open with me. He always said, "Don't worry Sir. The film will be a superhit." Only when I was doing the film's dubbing did I realize the quality of the film. I have got into such muddles due to relying solely on the directors. 'Citizen' was an average grosser. 'Red' was a flop. I have learnt my lesson. I'm not going to rely on anybody completely.

Has your interest in car rallies got something to do with your flops?
I don't think so. Races and films are totally different. If I'm an actor, my fame would extend to only all over India. I want to be a world famous personality. That's why I participate in races.

Recently your statement that you are a superstar too had created huge controversy.
I'm a great fan of Rajinikanth and I'm one of the people who believe that superstardom is going to end with Rajini and Amitabh Bachchan. Rajini himself had recently said, "Superstar is like a posting. If people like an actor, he becomes a super start. The position is a temporary one." He didn't say this when 'Baasha' was released. He himself had said this only now. If it's just a post, then I want it someday. My film 'Anjaneya' is an application for the post. Maybe the film didn't do anything favorably for my claim today. It will, someday. When Amitabh Bachchan started ABCL and got himself in a debt of Rs 90 Crores, everybody thought that he was finished. But, look at him. He is back! Failure is temporary. Success is a matter of self confidence. Ajith, as a person and Ajith as a star have it. I want to be the 'Undisputed Superstar' some day. Only then will I rest.

But, there is a talk that you are history…
(Reddens) Let them say. Let them trample me. This is exactly my motivation. I'm like the phoenix. I shall prove them all wrong. Money is not my motivation. If it was, I would be doing five films a year. I just do two films and spend the rest of my time in car racing. Let me tell you something else too- there is a group here. They come after me for my dates. If I'm not able to give them my dates, they say that I'm over the hill and that my time is finished. Are they trying to destroy me? If so, I'm ready to tackle them.

We wish you all the best for this battle.
Thank you.

You used to always encourage new directors. What happened now?

To whom?
To some people. Many have forgotten that I did 'Vaali' and 'Amarkalam'. Some part of the media too has forgotten this

Isn't racing a dangerous risk?
Everything has risks. I'm spending my money. This year, I had spent 1 Crore for my races. Next year, I might have to spend 3 Crores. Here, we have so many sponsors for Cricket, but none for racing. Time will change some day.


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