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Source: Dinakaran

December 14, 2003

Ajithkumar's interview to 'Dinakaran' TamilDaily Newspaper


"Anjaneya" was expected by your fans in a big way...Do you think the film has done justice to their expectation?
    I don't follow the custom of talking something outside while actually I feel entirely a different thing at the bottom of my heart. The film didn't do well as the fans had originally anticipated. I boldly accept the ground reality that this film didn't do well. I sincerely seek apology from fans for having failed to fulfil their expectation. But not for the interviews I had given.

As never before you have committed in a number of film projects. Do you consider your safety?
    No. I got committed in "Jana" long back. Presently I am acting in the films "Ji" and "Attakaasam". Eventhough I get committed in so many new films, only 2 of my films would get released per year. There is going to be no change in this policy.

You had earlier given interview saying that you won't meet the end of your life without attaining super star status. This statement of yours has attracted a flurry of sharp criticism. How do you react?
    Yes. I heard all these things. It is my ambition that I should stay at the No. 1 position in whatever I do. This view of mine is a just one. Only I myself could wish to attain the top spot. Just like the status of super star one should get to the No.1 position....Only for achieving this I have been striving all along. That No. spot may be called by some other name other than 'super star'. But I won't die without attaining this No. 1 staus. This is certain.

As you go abroad often, for participating in car races, people say you are unable to concentrate upon your film work. What do you say?
    In the current year I have gone abroad, to take part in car races, only 7 times in the period starting from March to November. In the remaining 175 days, I was left with only 49 days for participating in car races. In that case why did they not conduct shooting on the remaining dates? Is it my mistake? One particular film producer, who's having good name in the industry, took away all my callsheet dates, and was repeatedly telling me that his film's shooting would take place soon, would take place in the near future etc., etc. Days, weeks and months were wasted like this without arranging for the shooting work. Whose mistake is this? The answer to your question could be found in this ...

There is a charge against you that you are unable to give out films of great variety, simply because you quite often commit in films produced by one and the same producer.... How do you react to this?
    So far I have finished acting in 38 films. Out of these, only "Vaali", "Mugavari", "Citizen" and "Villain" have given me life. All these four films have been produced by my close friend, 'Nic Arts' S.S.Chakravarthy.
Fans might have forgotten this. But, I will never do so. If I have market value in film industry, it is because of Chakravarthy. Let others say what they intend to propagate. Both of us would still continue to give out hit films by working together. As long as we keep ourselves in the film industry, we won't get departed. When we give up the field we would jointly do so! Those who try to separate us, need not waste their time by indulging in such a move.

In your interviews, you use to say that even you have not seen some of the films acted by you.....Will not this affect your fans' taste?
    Those films of mine that I didn't see were the ones neglected by the general audience too. Those films of mine which were viewed by me with great interest were also seen by them with equally great enthusiasm. But the one film that escaped this rule is "Anjaneya". I failed to concentrate on this film while I was acting in it. Another reason is that I totally trusted the film director. But leave things as they are. The film's failure is failure. But let me assure you that this bitter experience has increased my aggressiveness tenfold.....My next film "Ji' would prove a resounding success.

You don't deceive your fans by giving them false hope saying that you will enter into politics in future. Do you, yet, symbolically want to drive home the point that you have gradually become ready to step into politics by playing a politician's role in the film, "Ji"?
    After seeing "Ji" people would definitely get such an impression. It may become a topic of general discussion among them who would then ask, whether Ajith is interested in stepping into politics.....? But the fact that this expectation of the people is not going to be materialised is a crystal clear thing to my family, friends and myself.

In case you fail to attain the No.1 spot in film field as you wished.....?
    Time will tell the answer. Wait and see.


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