Thereís no success without sport !

Source: ďUngal AjithĒ

November 2003

The shooting of ďAnjaneyaĒ is over now and the one of ď JeeĒ has started from only a short while. So, we couldnít know further about this film. So, we decided to go and meet Ajith in order to know further about how he keeps himself fit. Here are his answers to our questions:



How do you manage to put some time aside to keeep yourself fit?

   I have a personnal coach who comes home every morning to advise me on what I should do to keep myself fit. Moreover, I often go jogging. I play badminton and I swim every evening. Iím training since I have been participating to races, in order to make my performances better. Generally, I do sport two hours a day. You canít achieve success in life if you donít do any sport.



How did you get used to do sport?

   I got used to it since my school days. Iím used to go boating at ďThe Madras Boat ClubĒ and to go jogging in the neighbourhood of this Club. It is an habit since 5 or 6 yeras now. I think that these activities have helped me to bear the injuries that I had and the surgeries that I underwent afterwards.



In which  other ways has sport helped you?

   Even now, sport helps me a lot. It permits me to be fit during the international car races in which I take part. Thanks to sport, I have stamina. It also helps me in the sense that it permits me to do the fight scenes of my films without too much difficulties.



Could you tell us to what extent has the diet, that you follow since several years now, changed?

   Since I have been interested in races, Iím avoiding oily food and Iím  having a healthy diet. I favour green vegetables. I drink a bowl of vegetable soup each day. I have read in some books that ďWhatever you eat, you can easily digest it when youíre youngĒ. But as the time passes, when your way of life changes and when you reduce physical activities, itís better to eat healthy food.

   Iím used to travel in A.C cars and when I have some free time during the out door shootings, I  usually take rest in caravans. We burn only a restricted number of calories each day. So, I must watch my waistline.



Do you have some difficulties following your diet?

   Generally, I donít eat meat. But sometimes, when I go to a restaurant and that there are ďspecial mutton or beef mealsĒ, I canít help eating it. I am mad about ď masalaĒ dishes. However, I try  to keep it off as far as possible. Fortunatly, Iím not very fond of sweets.



Do you eat some special food to stay in good health?

   Not at all. I took some vitamin tablets for some time after the operation that I had on my spinal column. And I followed the advise the doctor gave me as regards diet. Apart from it, I donít eat anything special.



Which thing related to your health are you the most proud of?

   Some time ago, I used to drink. At least three times a week. But now, I drink only once every month or once every three months. And I donít use ďhot drinksĒ anymore, only beer. Furthermore, I have only one beer.



Which thing related  to your health do you fear the most?

   I am scared when I think about the actual condition of Christopher Reeves. Not long ago, he was Superman on the screen. He had ďhealthyĒ hobbies such as piloting and horse riding. He has taken part in horse races and he excelled in it. But, unfortunatly, he had an accident one day. He was seriously injured at his spinal column. Today, he has to rely on the others to live. I have the strenght to bear any pain. But I certainly couldnít  suffer counting on the others to live.



As an actor and as a racer, you have certainly taken many risks, on several occassions, in your life. Could you tell us a little more about it?

   Not in my films. Until today, the fear of danger has never stopped me from taking  part in car races. And it will never happen. Iím not the kind to shrink from the risks. I have undergone many surgeries. Only one month ago, I broke a joint while I was doing a fight scene. But on every occassion, I stand up again and I go on my way with still more determination than before. We  generally donít weight up our capacities. But, for my part, I perfectly know mine. Thatís why I could go back on the shooting spot of Vaalee to shoot the climax scene, only three weeks after I had an operation on my spine.   



Which are the disappointements that you had in your career?

   I have to show what I am capable of doing in each of my films. When one of my films flops, it means that fans didnít like it, even if Iíve shown  all my talents in that film. People donít know how difficult it is to make a film. But Iím very casual about successes and failures. And I have a formula for it: when I succeed in something, I say to myself that I can do it. And when I fail in something, I say to myself that Iím also capable of doing it. Nothing is permanent in life.



How do you do to control anger?

   Anger can destroy us. Itís always when we go through difficulties, when we have a problem that we usually get angry. Whatever the problem is, whatever the missunderstanting is, just forget it for a little while and youíll see that your anger would have vanished within two days. A few years ago, I used to get easily nervous and angry for things of little importance. But today, many people tell me that Iíve changed a lot. Yes. I donít wish to spoil a day of my life by losing my temper too quickly.

   At the time I was a short-temperd person, I lost many of my friends. Sometimes, Iíve regreted it and sometimes, I didnít care about it. I had a Muslim friend which Iíve lost because of my quick-temperd character. Even now, I sometimes think about the happy times we spent togheter at that time. Our friendship ended because of a missunderstanding.



What are you the most proud of?

   My film career. Iím proud of all I achieved within the past ten years in my career. And I am also proud of taking part in  car races at the international level. One day, Iíll become the Number One in car racing too.  



How do you manage to balance your professional career and your family life?

   I have a policy for that: I donít take the problems accumulated in the shooting spot with me when I come back home after work and vice versa. When I have to go shooting to a foreign country, I take Shalini along with me. At home, we play badminton together. We both have the same coach. So, we can spend a lot of time together. We both have the same centres of interest. Thereís not any problem between us because we perfectly understand each other.



What is your ďrecipeĒ to reduce tension?

   Thereís only one way to succeed in it: to practice a sport.



Which are your likings as regards clothing?

   I have no particular likings as regards clothing. But I give a lot of importance to formal dresses. Women are lucky in that bacause they can find a great variety of formal dresses. But, thereís not much selection of formal dresses for men. I like black colour very much. I generally choose black suits.



If you had to choose only one thing among all the things you have, what would it be?

   I would choose my bike. Itís one of the things I like the most.



What is your life policy?

    ďLive, let liveĒ  



                                                                                                                  Translated by Kavitha.

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