My wife is the source of my success

Actor Ajithkumar's answers to questions have been published in "Dinakaran" Tamil Daily Newspaper. The details:


                    Why was the film "Citizen", which had been supposed to be released on your birthday, postponed?


                    The shooting work of all the dialogue-scenes have been completed. As the song sequences in which Vasundradoss and myself team together is being shot in Australia, the film which was originally scheduled to be released on 1st May, is definitely getting released on coming 18th. Each and every scene has to be carefully sculpted and given more polish because of the following reasons: It's a big-budget film; different get-up; a story that's being talked about with great expectation!


                   Can we say that "Citizen" is to be highlighted most among all your films?


                    Definitely it could be said so! As I told at the time of the start of the film's shooting, I still believe that this film would make me a widely talked about personality throughout India! All the 29 films I have done so far have made the people of Tamilnadu talk about me with much flutter and great excitement! But after the release of "Citizen", I hope, I would be the talking point in the whole of India. Among all my films this one would be the highlight picture! "Citizen" would be a different and graceful film, that may be entitled for a distinct, social recognition!


                When the 'rush' film of the so far picturized scenes were screened, Ajith congratulated Ajith himself, conveying his felicitations! When we look back and evauluate what we have done so far and get self-satisfaction, then we would come to feel that we too have achieved something. I experienced such a mental condition when I saw the 'rush' scenes of "Citizen". Now I have attained 100% satisfaction. After the release of this film not only the audience but also the cinema industry would come to believe that only when Ajith could be given a different type of subject matter for his film , we could expect to gain a sense of satisfaction! All the character roles I do should be specially mentioned by the audience. I work with that ambition in my heart.


                          Isn't it a risk to work with different sort of get-up like this?


                         There's no life without risk. One can win only if he could take risk! Rajini sir knows the trick of how to bring the audience to the theatre. Introducing novel ideas into his films and making them (films) cater to the expectations of all, Kamal sir enables them to be talked about even at the world level! I expect that I must shine as a new Ajithkumar, having mixed up in equal proportions the pattern of Rajini sir and that of Kamal sir! For that I would prepare the fans. I won't disappoint my fans, who come to the theatre with the expectation that there would be some speciality or other in Ajithkumar's film.


                        All your films' titles are somewhat different in nature. Charan's"Erumugam" also seem to be a little more 'imposing' in spirit. Why?


                        First, only it's his name that gives a person his distinct identity. All about him instantly flash before our mind's eye the moment his name is pronounced! A film's title also does exactly the same. Only that title has the magical effect that attracts the audience towards it. I can boldly say that half of the success of the film consists in it's title.


                      My friend Charan has given the name "Erumugam" for his film only after duly considering what title would be the suitable one and what would please the audience! For example, consider the titles of the films I have already done, viz: "Vaali", "Amarkkalam", "Mugavari", "Dheenaa" etc. They would sound unique and such titles would also rather easily get themselves registered in the minds of the audience!


                           The titles of the films I'm now acting in such as "Citizen", "Erumugam", "New", "Vaamanaa" and "Red", the last one being produced by 'Nick Arts', all possess the common quality of easily getting registered in the audience's minds. I'm doing "Poovellaam Kettuppaar" for the 'king' of publicity, namely, V.Ravichandran of 'Oscar Films Private Limited'. This is a film that deals in family sentiment.


                      "Citizen", produced by 'Nick Arts', "Erumugam", to be directed by Charan, "Vaamanaa", to be directed by Suresh Krishna and the "Red" all these are action-oriented films. S.A.Surya, produces as well as directs the film "New". This's a comedy subject. I do something different, from film to film. I give importance only to those films, whose subjects completely fulfil the expectations of the audience.


                       Do you think that you have so far achieved something in cinefield?


                        I haven't thought on that line yet! 'Yesterday' has gone for ever! Only 'Today' is real. 'Tomorrow' is a question mark. So, we should see what we do today. If we are all right today, we would be all right tomorrow also! I have attained a good position in Tamilfield having struggled very hard. How many number of struggles? How much pains? How many insults? I have overcome all these (hurdles) and have finally earned a permanent position for myself! I believe that I will maintain this level of reputation for the next 10 years too! After that all would be God's will!


                        One year has been completed since you married Shalini. How is your (married) life?


                        No problem. If a man has to come forward in life, first, there should be peace at home. There has to be a woman at the helm of affairs as well as behind the success of a man. Such a kind of a woman is my wife Shalu. Really I'm a gifted man. 'Manaivi Amaivathellaam Iraivan Koduththa Varam' ---these words aren't simply said without any significance! God has enabled me and my life to have His kind blessings! Shalu too has come from the film industry. So, she's able to come to a decision herself, after having assessed what's good for me and what isn't so for my well-being. Only the support I derive from my wife is the source of my success. My marriage life is very much interesting. Quite divine too!


                        Why have you suddenly entered Hindi field?


                        Answer: I acted in "Ashoka", directed by cameraman Santhosh Sivan.Sha Rukh Khan is playing  Ashoka, the Emperor. I acted in the role of his brother Suseema, and have given dubbing voice (in Hindi) for myself. Next, some offers have come to me to act in Hindi films....But, I will give first preference to act only in Tamil films!


                       Today, lakhs of people among the audience are prepared to fall in line behind you, themselves being ready to parade along the route you would like them to follow. Would you enter into politics as per their wish?


                        I won't announce publicly which party I sympathize with and to whom I would vote for! It's because I'm an actor and a public personality. Moreover, it's an individual's right to cast vote. One needn't tell outspokenly what's one's own choice and preference. I possess the required intelligence to weigh and decide who will do good for the country and I do have sufficient level of maturity to cast vote. The public too have this maturity. I am an ordinary actor and am obliged to satisfy the fans. The fans who enjoy my presence on the screen and my films in general are there in all the political parties. If all on a sudden I announce that I belong to a particular party then the fans who hold membership in other political parties would part ways with me! I won't create such a division among my fans under any circumstance. If my fans part ways with me the loss that follows would directly affect only my producers. I won't allow any of my producers getting ruined because of my decisions. I would earn only a good name, like, 'these people have prospered in life because of Ajith'. I would never get the bad name meaning 'these people have got ruined because of Ajith'. You do write in clear-cut terms that I will never bring in loss to my producers by announcing a personal decision like, 'I would enter into politics'. Those who cast their votes, those who didn't do so, those who got victory in election and finally those who got defeated in election---all should see my films and enjoy them whole-heartedly without showing any ill-feeling towards me. All kinds of fans should derive satisfaction by seeing my films. This's my permanent view, wish and ambition!


Source : "Dinakaran" 

Tamil Daily News Paper

                29th May, 2001


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