Ajith: I won’t do two-hero projects

AjithAjith, the ruling heart-throb of youngsters in Tamil Nadu, had started his career with the Telugu film Prema Tapassu.  But it was his Tamil hit Aasai , followed by Kathal Kottai  that announced his arrival. The latter was also a success in Telugu as Premalekha . But a lull followed thereafter with major flops like ABCL’s Ullasam  and Raasi . He sprang back soon enough with a bang in Vaalee  which catapulted him into the big league and a string of hits followed.

Incidentally, his first release after marriage to actress Shalini - Unnay Kodu Ennay Tharuvean  directed by Kavi Kalidas - has been a major flop. May be, his female fans couldn’t digest the fact about the lover boy’s marriage!

Excerpts from a brief interview with indiainfo.com:

How could you accept an insipid film like Unnay Kodu Ennay Tharuvean ?
I cannot take the entire credit for a film’s success and similarly I do not want to blame anyone for my flops. When the director narrated the storyline to me he was confident that his story would click. However, I kept quiet because I did not want the industry to blame me for discouraging a new director. Anyway all I can say is sorry to the viewers.

Then how come you promised the director a flat even before its release?
All this is baseless news. I told him that every director who gave me a hit has been given a Santro car and so he too can expect one, but never a flat.

Your fans are unhappy with Kandukondain Kandukondain  because you have a small role in it?
The fans must understand that I signed the film about two years ago when I had no standing in the market. My being in such a project was a great thing. Besides, Kamal Hassan patted me at the audio release function of Kandukondain Kandukondain  and said he was envious of me (laughs). I felt very happy.

Any new films in the offing?
My next film is Citizen directed by Subbaiah and produced by Chakravarthy of NIC arts. It is a very different film where I have six different get-ups. The make-up man was referred to me by Kamal Hassan when I met him on the sets of Hey Ram ! to give my wedding invitation. Then I have a film each with Ezhil, Surya and Pravinkanth besides one with Poornachandra Rao, who produced my first Telugu film. It’s directed by Vasanth.

Ajith - Simran in VaaleeYou abused Vasanth in public during the shoting of Nerukuner , but now you are working with him.
After Nerukuner , I took Surya (Vasanth's assistant) as director for Vaalee  and after it became a hit I openly declared that I have no aversion to working with Vasanth. That's why I have agreed; anyway, it was his film Asai  which gave me the hero status.

Will you do a film again with Kavi Kalidas?
I told him to take a break for a year and come back with a good subject. Success and failure are never permanent. With a banner like Supergood Films, stars like Simran and me and Rajkumar’s music, he failed. Now it will be very difficult for him to get a break again.

Will you do two-hero subjects?
No way. Who can come up with a subject that can satisfy two heroes? There will be lot of ego problems.

by A Swamy

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