"Vaali" proved a new kind of experience for me!


Actor Ajith Kumar gave an exclusive and interesting interview to "Dinakaran" Tamil Daily News Paper. In it he says:

                "By God's grace and through my self-confidence I have come out alive after having undergone 9 successful (surgical) operations! Now I don't have any problems at all! Some people were spreading the rumours that Ajith's period is once for all over... everything is finished and so on...! But on my part I have proved them wrong and their versions nothing but wishful illusions! Hereafter my cinema journey would continue without any disturbance or break." So says Ajith. Following are his answers for the questions put forth to him:


                 You, who has so far been acting in roles of love hero, has in "Thodarum" played the part of a family type character. Don't you think your image may get affected due to this?


                How that could be? I who've acted in love hero roles continuously for 20 years, has chosen "Thodarum" to act in the family-type role in it in order to prove that I'm able to do such different sort of roles also! Only if I start acting in such family type roles as early as now, people would naturally offer me family-oriented roles a few years later! The audiences also have welcomed my performance in "Thodarum".This film has given me self-confidence and courage. I've established that I'm able to do 'mature' character roles!


              Now you act in a number of films....Don't you face any callsheet problem?


              In the beginning without my knowledge some problems related to my callsheet issue might have cropped up! Now I've taken care that such mistakes aren't repeated again. I'm working with such concentration that no one should get any loss due to me!


              In "Vaali", for the first time, I've done dual roles. One of them is the role of a hero. The other is that of a dumb and deaf person! This role depicts how he's changed by a girl into a bad man! This proved a new kind of experience for me! Next, in "Ananda Poongaatre" I team with Karthik. "Amarkkalam" is going to be produced as my 25th film. In this I play the role of a rougue who works in a theatre. In Rajiv Menon's direction I do act in a film in the role of an assistant director who aspires to become a film director. In this Mammutty, Abbass, Aiswarya Rai and Thabu combination is there! In the new film of  'Super Good Films', titled,  "Nee Varuvaay Ena...." I team together with Parthiban. I have given my callsheet for these 5 films!


                  You boldly commit in films having double-hero based subjects! Do you like it?


                  Yes...I welcome the healthy competition among heroes! I do like it. Only when such keen competition prevails, can the actors concerned have the advantage to sculpt out multi-different dimensions in their style of acting. In my early days I did team with Vjai in "Rajavin Paarvaiyile". Afterwards I was given recognition so as to act as sole hero in films and in that capacity I h've been doing so many films also! At this juncture, I was asked to act in Vikraman's "Unnidaththil Yennai Koduththen". Since I a'm a fan of Karthik, I gladly accepted the offer. When I was given another new offer to team with Parthiban in yet another project, I readily agreed! It's because Parthiban is a loud thinker of a distinct type.


                     It can't be said that my market would get affected because of my teaming together with other heroes! Instead, I belive that it would help me to  become more polished and that way shine well!


                      What happened to the distribution company you started by name "Circuit 6000"?


                      I h've said 'goodbye' to it. Hereafter my entire attention would be only on acting!


                     If that's so, won't you produce own film?


                     I won't produce own film also! I would neither indulge in distribution nor direct films!


                     I'm talking all these things rather practically! It's enough what I've suffered already in the capacity of a distributor. On other hand, it's a very serious job to produce own films. The profession of film direction is also like that! As of now, the only known profession to me is acting. I think it's enough if I do this one job properly! I would rather spend a portion of what I earn through my hard work as an actor for helping the famine-stricken poor people but won't throw it lavishly into cineline.


                    So far you have appeared on screen only in your usual (outward) get-up. When are you going to come on screen in a changed get-up for acting in different sort of roles?


                   First, first I'm revealing this matter only to you...Yes..I'm going to change my outward appearance.


                  The already mentioned 5 films' shooting work would all be over within coming August. After that, for about 6 months, I'm going to set aside cinema work and leave a little gap. Whether I would be in Chennai or abroad during that 6 months period is a suspense!


                  Why can't you reveal part of that suspense to us?


                  As you are my well-wisher let me tell you: Without changing my outward appearance I have so far acted in a number of films. I don't like to continue the same thing hereafter. So I want to stay in an unrevealed place and assess what change I could bring upon myself as far as  my outer appearance is concerned, whether such changes are really possible, if such changes occur whether I could withstand them are all to be clearly worked out by me! Such a novel change to be materilised in the 21st century is going to be a success it would a forerunner, a new trend-setter which may be welcomed by all and would remain a matter of great surprise too! My way of dressing, style of walking, my mannerisms ---all going to change in that 6 months period! After that you could see a new Ajith Kumar. When I will leave, I will tell you and start. No further questions, please!


Source : "Dinakaran" 

Tamil Daily News Paper

                4th February 1999


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