My hardwork is the reason for my success


In the 'Deepawali Special Issue' of popular Tamil Fortnightly "Vasuki", the following interview given by actor Ajithkumar has been published. The details: 


                In a particular film's titlecard they have referred to you by naming you as 'the lucky star of the year'. What do you say about this?


                Please don't call me a lucky star. I would feel really happy if people refer to me as a hardworker. My hardwork is the reason for my success. In spite of myself having undergone surgery 9 times in the recent past, it's only through sheer hardwork and relentless efforts that I have attained success. I took proper care that the progress of the work of the films I had been committed in didn't get affected because of the treatment I had undergone! This is the reward of hardwork! All those, who work sincerely can definitely get success.


                You, the hero of 25 films, had said in an interview, sometime before the release of "Vaali", something like this: "One day I would get elevated to Rajini's place". How would you explain this?


                I feel proud for having completed 25 films. He (Rjini) is an achiever who has crossed 25 years in filmworld! I have just completed 25 films. May be a few of them aren't commercially that much successful. Yet I have put in 100% hardwork and shown great dedication as far as each one of my film is concerned! In that sense each and every one of the film is a success for me!


                Do you have felt any personal affinity or identity with the roles you do in films?


                To some extent it's so in "Amarkkalam"! In reality, I'm a man of short, hot temper. I yearn for affection. One can win my heart with love. But none can overpower me by high-handed treatment. This characteristic trait aptly matched my role in "Amarkkalam". Presently, I'm a changed person. Yet, even today I remain very stiff and am very adamant  when it comes to be the question of doing good! I'll never give way to improper things to happen!


               Just 2 years before there prevailed a situation according to which the mentioning of the name 'Ajith' produced an image which happened to be a blurred one, devoid of clarity. Today Ajith means 'victorious hero'. How was this change possible?


               My life is an open book. I committed so many mistakes in the past. I don't point out here only my hot temper. In the economic front also, I had, rather unthinkingly, committed so many blunders and met with huge loss! I stepped into the business of film distribution. But the Ajith of olden days isn't here now. With sound thinking, I've obliterated the very traces of those past misdeeds! I won't repeat those mistakes.


              You are welcoming this Deepawali festival as a victorious hero. What do you think this Deepawali is going to do as far as your interests are concerned?


              I h've taken one vow on this Deepawali day which will have  to be realized by me. Enmity should never raise it's head and encircle me. Hereafter I should have no enemies at all in my life! This is my ambition.


              You are nowadays acting in different types of character roles. Do you like to act in a particular role?


              I don't like to dictate things to my film producers and directors. I expect them to create new character roles and subsjects for me. I sit with my friends and analyse the future prospects and scope of such roles and subjects. Finally I take a decision on them. After once taking the decision I would never revise my stand.


              What would be your first picture in the beginning of 21st century?


              "Mugavari", being produced by N.I.C. is getting released on 14th January. The dialogue portions of the film are all have been shot already. Only the songs and stunt scenes are to be picturised yet!  


              Many of your films are directed by new directors. Is there any reason behind it?


              In the beginning, those who encouraged me and booked me in films were new people. They belonged to small companies. I developed along with them! They too had progress! The communication between them and me is crystal clear! Newcomers always work with the burning urge in them to win! I too am a crazy hardworker having an eye on success! I do every one of my films and every one of the scenes with great enthusiasm that's burning within my heart! 


                 You are now in the good books of distributors. Apart from Rajini you have become the talk of the people! What do you say about this?


              I don't become over-enthusiastic about it. There's the general happiness that my films do build up very good market response! Yet there's nothing to feel proud or to think that I have achieved the unachievable! In every period, some good films, when released, would create sound market base for either the artistes or the directors connected with them! But that isn't going to be a permanent condition! The situation changes quite often!


                 Now your success has got registered in the minds of the people. Do you feel happy about it?


              Yes, I do feel! But that joy isn't a complete one! As for me, I wish that all the artistes' films should get success! Let me explain a small   arithmetic. If a film of mine succeeds means 40 artistes and technicians get provided with the facilities required to lead a good life! If it is three films of mine in a year implies that 120 families earn their livelihood! In this sense if 10 actors' films succeed would benefit 1200 families! Only when the numbers of such happy families increase, the cinefield could said to be progressing!


                 Can you give any suggestion to obliterate the prevailing stagnation in cinefield?


              This is not the subject I can air my views about! Cinema is a team work. As for my feelings are concerned, it's my hope that from the year 2000 onwards, a golden era seems to dawn upon Tamil filmfield!


                 What's your ambition?


              I must win until the last breath of my life! I should be winning continually!


                 You mentioned about this year's Deepawali...Do you have any personal expectation rerlating to the Deepawali Day of 21st century?


              I wish that should be my "Thalai Deepawali" (first Deepawali after getting married)!


                 Only one question about your would be wife....All know who she is! She herself has given interview to many a journals. In those interviews she's conveyed how deeply she loves you. Can you love her also with that much intensity?


              I needn't answer this question. My actions would speak on my behalf!


Source : "Vasuki"

The popular Tamil fortnightly  

"Dinakaran" Group of publications

                18th December, 1999


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