1999 is my year!


Ajith the teenage hero who hit the bulls-eye with 'Kathal Kottai' and was tipped to be the next top draw, found himself sliding down from the top. A series of bad films and to top it all he had a bad back restricting him from doing dances and fights. His girlfriend Heera had walked out on him. His business venture of distributing films landed him in debts. He chose to stick it out on the wrong side of the trade union war and the big guys and majority disowned him. All the big banners claimed he was not saleable and was drifting away. A guy who was a truant in his work is today having the best of films. Rajiv Menon's 'Kandukonden Kandukonden', 'Nee Varuvaai Ena', 'Mughavari' are those in the pipeline while films released are 'Valee' followed by 'Anandapoongakatre' by Rajkapoor. Ajith speaks about his new lease of life and his future.


  With the success of 'Unaithedi' you seem to be back in reckoning with offers once again coming your way?


More than the success of 'Unaithedi' I think it's the message that I am dedicated to my work that has endeared me to the producers. When I had a bad back I was still shooting for the film and went in a wheelchair to the dubbing theatre. I was determined to show that I am serious about my work and today that is what has got me the offers. I think a success of a film industry. With the release of 'Valee' I am going to be recognised as an actor. I am speaking to you before the release of the film and I am confident of its success because I can sense a good film. I told the director Surya that at the 100th day of the film I will gift him a car and today after being doubly positive of the film I have got him a Santro. After the release of 'Valee' no one will come to me with meaningless scripts.


  You cannot pass on the blame to the directors because you too heard them and accepted it?


Yes, quite right but then when everybody comes to you with bad scripts then what choice do you have? Now I have the best in terms of scripts. No one will come to me with scripts that are not well crafted because they will realise that I am capable of something more than what they think of. I am back here with a vengeance and shamelessly I want to announce that I want to be at the top.


  How come your physical, mental and economic problems have not affected your career?


I never let these problems affect my performance. When I was in front of the camera I never thought about it but when away from the public eye and in the company of friends I cried. I never wept in front of my so-called well wishers because I did not want them to see my sorrow. I then realised that only work, work and more work will make me get to the top slot. Work is worship and today it has paid off. Today work has become an obsession to me. I have settled my debts and come out of it. Career is looking up. The traumatic period has taught me a lesson where I know who my friends are.


  Now that you are back with a vengeance then probably you might like to teach your enemies a few lessons.


I am not bitter to anyone. I see it as a part of growing up. What hurt me most was when people who I thought were friends ditched me. I can understand film folk saying nasty things about me because its rivalry. I don't blame anybody for what happened and I am not for any emotional outburst. I only want to show to those who ditched me that the loss is theirs and not mine. Some tried to mend fences but then its too late.


  In most films you do it is a dual hero subject. Is it wise to do so when the industry rates a hero by his capacity to pull in crowds single-handedly?


R B Chowdary's 'Nee Varuvaya' is the last subject that I am doing as a double hero and for the next two years I will not be doing any twin hero subject The reason being I want to concentrate on my individual performance. All the same, films that I accepted as twin hero like 'Anandapoogatre' is because of Karthik who is a good friend and its director Rajkapoor, Rajiv Menon's film has two national award winners Mamooty and Tabu along with Aishwarya Rai and I want to be associated with such a team.


  You always took pride in giving new directors a break but they only let you down. So you may shift to established directors I presume after C Sundar's 'Unnaithedi'?


In 1997 all new directors who worked with me gave me flops but in 1999 I can tell you that 'Valee' will shock the industry and the system. A new director Surya is going to shock the filmdom and he deserved a car no doubt. This is my year and the new guys who will work with me are going to give it with a bang. No one can snatch it from me now.


  What about matters of the heart?


I have to meet someone who is compatible with me and the search continues but then career is first now.


  Probably no more industry girls?


Not that way. If the girl is not from the industry then she could be suspicious of you. Just because of Heera I should not classify each and everyone like her. Even today I respect Heera as an individual and we decided to go on with our lives. Today I have friends like Chakravarthy who is producing 'Valee' and he is a friend who stood by my side throughout the problems and even when the industry banned me. I am proud to be his friend. With the right friends and scripts, 1999 is mine.


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