Actress Shalini Bids Farewell

"Don't expect that I would tell the very same answer like other actresses. Definitely I won't act after marriage. I, who have given up acting now, won't even dream of returning back to acting. Marriage is an important stage in a woman's life. When I will get married to Ajithkumar as per my heart's liking, I would turn to be the female family head. There's no change in this decision".

                Shalini has given her answers to questions: The details:

                When did your first meeting with Ajithkumar take place?

                In November 1998. Ajithkumar, for the first time, talked with me through telephone, following my refusal earlier, to the producer of "Amarkkalam" and it's director Charan, when both of them (producer and director) had asked me to act in that film. Ajith told me: ""Amarkkalam" is my 25th film. It's my wish to team with you in a film. First, you please hear the story-narration of the film. If you like it, you may give your callsheet. Otherwise, I won't compel you any further". Hearing him speak like this, I changed my mind. I heard the story-narration by director Charan. As I liked it, I gave my callsheet.

                In the meantime, I saw, along with my family members, the film "Kaathal Mannan", acted by Ajith and directed by Charan. As I liked it very much, I came to have good confidence in "Amarkkalam" unit. The first day of shooting took place on 17th March, last year. Dhaamu and I were acting in it. Ajith came there. It was only then that I saw him first. Our relationship at that time was that he was the hero and I was the heroine of the film, that's all.

                How was your mental state when Ajithkumar told you that he loves you? 

                When he came and told me his love, I didn't show any sign of hurry. Because it was the problem concerned with life. I told my parents about this. Afterwards my parents and Ajith's parents met and talked about it. The engagement regarding our marriage was conducted in a simple style.

                Earlier, your marriage got postponed. Why?

                My marriage might have been conducted last month itself. The Malayalam film "Niram", acted by me and directed by Kamal (Malayalam director) has proved to be a super-duper hit there. When that film was under production, there had been an agreement between us---that if that film proves to be a great hit in Malayalm then it's re-make in Tamil should be made in which also I should play the heroine and the same Kamal should do direction work. Accordingly I'm now acting in the Tamil version teaming with Prashanth. In Tamil it's given the title: "Priyaa Varam Vaendum". It's shooting would be over in a few days. Soon after that my marriage will take place.

                Would you continue your studies after marriage?

                When I was acting in "Kaathalukku Mariyaathai", I was studying B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration). I'm now studying in the first year. I would continue my studies even after my marriage. After completing B.B.A. I would join M.C.A. (Master of Computer Application) course.

               In what way would you be of help to your husband?

                On his behalf, I would hear story narrations. I would be accompanying him to shooting spots. I would look after his 'A.K.International' office. I would also create dress designs for him as per his film roles. I could look after his callsheets. Don't think only this much work I could do for him. I can also drive his car when he starts out for shooting! In total, I could shine very well as his ideal life partner for ever giving him good encouragement.

                 How many babies do you wish to give birth to?

                 He's very fond of children. At this stage I can't spell out anything regarding number of babies we would like to give birth to!

                 You are going to become female family head. Can you cook tastefully?

                  Presently I'm taking complete rest at home. So I'm also learning cooking. I'm a non-vegetarian. He's also a non-vegetarian. So there won't be any problem at all. Both of us like chicken. We don't like chocolate. Generally I cook tastefully. Do you know one thing? Ajithkumar himself is a good cook!

                  To which country do you plan to go for honeymoon?

                  We haven't yet talked about it.

                  What are the matters that generally remain acceptable to both of you?

                  There are so many of them. Which of them should I mention here and which to leave out? First, the hearts of both of us could experience the quality of oneness. We are like friends now. Even after marriage, we would behave like friends! If you now ask me, 'Who's your best friend?', I would reply: 'Only Ajithkumar'. To that extent both of us have understood each other.

                   What are the qualities that you like in Ajithkumar?

                   I can refer to three qualities: First, as far as film shooting work is concerned, he's a hard-worker. He forgets even food and sleep while doing work. Secondly, he first thinks of others. Then only he thinks about himself. Suppose if anyone suffers, he would be the first person to lend his help. Thirdly, the self-confidence and his acting talent that enabled him to come up in life without seeking others' support! After facing so many challenges and undergoing so many sufferings, he has become a hero of great feats.

                   What's your message to the people?

                    I convey my heart-felt thanks to all the fans, whose families, all these days were considering me as their sister! I resign from cineworld with a happy heart. The soon-to-be-released film of Maniratnam sir, "Alai Paayuthae" would enable me shine as an ever-green personality in the minds of the people. I resign from the film world while I'm enjoying this much good fame. Good bye!

                    So saying Shalini bids farewell and takes leave.

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