Thanks to acting, I ventured into motor racing

If ever there is a non-conformist in Tamil filmdom, it is Ajith Kumar. There is hardly anything predictable about him. When he has a flourishing career in films, he has chosen to concentrate side-by-side in racing. It is a decision that only the truly determined can take. Ajith is certainly one such person. A person who likes to do things on his own terms, irrespective of what others may say about it. In that sense, he is different from the seemingly typecast actors of Kollywood. Excerpts from a quick chat with the actor:


Q: Why such a big gap after 'Villain'?
Ajith: 'Villain' was a big hit, thanks to director K S Ravikumar. I have various other commitments too. I am happy that people are asking me why I am not acting, rather than 'why are you acting?' My forthcoming movie is 'Anchaneya'. The movie is being produced by NIC Arts and directed by Maharajan. The movie is expected to release this Deepavali.

Q: How do you balance both acting and racing?
Ajith: Acting is my profession while racing is my passion. However, I want to achieve to my fullest possible capabilities in both my ventures. Basically, I love to take more risks which has prompted me to take to racing. I certainly find time to balance both acting and racing.

Q: What are your views on the entry of several newcomers into the industry?
Ajith: It is good that lots of newcomers are coming to the Tamil film industry. But for their survival, talent and dedication are the pre-requisites. Anybody can take up acting and it is not restricted only to a few.

Q: Your take on the hero-centric trend in Tamil film industry today?
Ajith: Who said Tamil industry is hero-centric? When compared to Telugu filmdom, the hero worship and the hero-dominated movies are much less here. I accept that I did make a mistake in my movies like 'Citizen' and 'Red', where the hero was greatly glorified. However, 'Villain' was just a commercial entertainer which people accepted.

Q: Your comments on reports that you have fallen out of South Indian Film Artistes Association?
Ajith: No, I don't want to discuss petty politics. 

Q: What are your views on 'star sons' entering film industry?
Ajith: I don't find anything wrong in star sons entering the film industry. Can you go and ask Gavaskar why his son chose to play cricket or Ambani or Tata's sons why they took to business? I feel it is needless to comment about it. But if you are genuinely talented, you can come up even without any backing. Take my case, I did not have any backing when I entered this industry. But people were kind enough to support me in all my ventures.

Q: Which of the two do you relish the most - acting before the cameras or racing on the tracks?
Ajith: I relish acting. It is acting which has brought me more name and fame. Thanks to acting, I ventured into motor racing. Whatever little I have achieved in racing is wholly due to my career in acting.

Q: Any plans to churn out a movie on motor racing?
Ajith: Not in the near future. Aamir Khan's 'Lagaan' ( based on cricket) was a big hit because people knew the game well and it had a huge following. Motorsports, on the other hand, is yet to gain popularity here and is far behind when compared to other sports. Hence, once the game gets popular and reaches the common man, perhaps I can think about a movie on motor racing.

Compiled by Malini Mannath
Published on 24th Aug 2003


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