Of all my films so far, the most liked one by me is "Mugavari"!
Ajithkumar answers to the questions put to him by 'Dinakaran' Tamil Daily Newspaper's reporter, during an interview with him, the venue being the "Villain" film-shooting sets in Chennai.

Question: You use to keep away from participating in cinefield events here and the cultural events cunducted abroad by the cine stars. Why?

The decision not to participate in cinefield events in Chennai and those that get conducted abroad was taken long ago, not now. It was firmly resolved by me so, in 1996 itself! It's rather a policy with me now!

There are so many reasons behind this decision. The countless number of bitter experiences I underwent in the past is one of those reasons. There are a great number of bitter events, met by me on stage, during cutural programmes. Those events, when come to be remembered by me now, pain my heart like anything. Yet, I won't talk ill of other participants, who are taking part in such programmes now, for it is their rightful discretion to do so. Please don't mistake me for my own decision.

Question: Or could we take it like this that you do remain away from such programmes because some of your recent films have proved to be flops?

 What connection is there between these two issues? Why do you try to tie up a knot like this? As far as I'm concerned I ever stand firm in matters related to my principles. I would do so in the future also. I have come a long way experiencing so may ups and downs in my life-journey.

Question: But what reason is there behind your sudden announcement that hereafter you are going to act only in action-oriented, stunt films?

The film "Raja" is in no way connected with this announcement. Hereafter you won't be seeing me in films in which I'm musing with roja flower! I won't be acting as a soft-herted lover in any of my future films! In each and every one of my future films I'm going to act as an action-packed, stunt hero!

Question: There should be sound reasons behind this decision....What are they?

There are! Earlier, when films like "Vaali", "Amarkkalam", "Dheena", "Cityzen" and "Red" were released, there was tremendous reception for them in theatres, among my fans. You know that the big opening those films were getting then was not the case with by any other film! But films featured by me like "Mugavari", "Kandukondaen Kandukondaen", "Aanadha Poongaatrae" and "Poovellaam Un Vaasam" didn't get that much 'big' opening! When we see things in this light, it becomes very clear that only films that show me as an action-packed, stunt hero get greater opening than those that picturize me as a soft- hearted hero!

That I should act only as an action hero is the clear judgement of my fans. I have crystal-clearly undersatood now what my fans expect from me. Hence this sudden change! Throughout the world, the real trend is that the cinema fans like action-packed heroes more than they like other types of heroes! Action heroes get greater support. My fanS too like to see me as an action hero of distinctive type from film to film. The very actor-status of mine has been given to me by my fans. So, I would like to act in accordance with how they expect me to do. They have acknowledged me as an action hero through my films like "Amarkkalam", "Dheena", "Cityzen" and 'Vaali". I don't want to lose that distinction. So this change in me.

Question: Why did you forget that such of your films like  "Aasai", "Vaali" and "Mugavari", in which you had done roles only as a soft- hearted hero, had also earned great name and popularity for you?

I'm really telling you..... Of all my films so far, the most liked one by me is "Mugavari"! That film exhibited how an average man, endowed with great talents, hopelessly struggles in life and how this world continues to refuse to give him any co-operation at all....! Yet, how bitter a fact is it that when that film got released, it met with a poor opening in theatres, among my fans! My recent films "Poovellaam Un Vaasam" and "Raja" too didn't secure the expected level of success! But these films were generally branded as good films! People wrote that my soft-natured roles in them were good. But fans' expectations are different!

Question: Are you not ready to tell your views through your films?

If I tell my view in my films, you will instantly react with the question: 'What sir...You have started telling your views in each and every one of your films....Do you have any plan to enter into politics?' If I do a film in a light-hearted, jolly fashion, without articulating any of my views, you would ask me: 'What sir, why haven't you given expression to your views in the film?'

Whether you ask me such questions or not, first of all, who am I to teach people my views? I wish to safeguard my producer, who produces the film, entrusting his faith in me. Whether I'm able to be instrumental in earning profit to the producer or not, it is enough if I could avert creating any loss to him. I am an actor. I am an ordinary artiste, who's acting in films in order to make people remain happy.

Question: Would you, hereafter, choose films with the express purpose of satisfying your audiences?

Hereafter, I will act in chosen films with the objective of satisfying not only the audiences who come to theatres to see my films with great expectations but also the producers, who, having good confidence in me, pour in muti-crores of rupees in the process of producing the films. Taking into account the ground realities of what a bad shape the film industry is in today, it has become a must that the newly released films in theatres run full-houses atleast for the first two weeks, so as to get back the money already spent on them.

The producer, who lavishes his confidence in me alone, shouldn't get deserted at all, at any cost. Secondly, the distributors, who, entrusting their confidence in my films, buy them and distribute them to the theatres, should get full protection and guarantee too. At the same time, I should also satisfy my audiences. My cineworld journey would, hereafter, continue giving top priority to these three principles. Yet, I believe that a film's success or failure is a thing that is beyond these considerations!

Question: With the 3rd of August this year, 10 years have got completed since your entry into cinefield. What do you feel about your present position in film industry?

Yes. 10 years get completed since my entry into field. I leave to the judgement of the six and half crores of people themselves of Tamilnadu to assess what I have achieved so far and what position I do deserve to hold today in cenefield! Only their judgement could be a correct one.

Question: There spread some news to the effect that some elements, who hate your sudden growth in cinefield, are indulging in underground schemings against you....Have you ever felt it to be so?

Very correctly and clearly I have understood it. So many of them are awaiting chance to push me down into the pit! I know who they are! Nowadays there are multiple pits along the route of my cineworld journey. Some of the pits are natural ones. Others are the created ones by those who scheme against me. So I am now continuing my cineworld journey with extra care and attention. I will swim against the fiery river and get to the shore by successfully surmounting the stumbling block namely the 14 months  from last july to the August of next year, which period is trying to prevent me from reaching my ambitious target! From October 2003 onwards, the golden era in my cine career would start. I would finally realize my ambitious goal. I will do it at all cost!


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