Ennai Thalatta Varuvala


  Director: K. S. Ravindran
  Cast: Vignesh, Reshma

  Release: 21.03.2003



It centres around Vennila's connections with the three men in her life. Satish (Ajith) who wins a college competition and becomes the object of the arrogant Vennila's ire. In a fit of pique, Vennila feigns love to him, gets him to marry her, and then ditches him on the wedding night. The whole affair leaving the innocent soft-hearted youth in a state of shock, and later hospitalised and in deep coma. Santosh, the new entrant to college, who chooses Vennila for his games of one-upmanship, leaving her puzzled as to his motive. And Amar, her fiance from abroad, who she later realises is a psychopath. An interesting scenario which had the potential to turn into a good, suspense thriller. The film is good in parts, but has the odds heavily stacked against it.

The script goes for a nose-dive after Vennila finds she is pregnant, and is shocked, since she's not had physical relationship with any of the guys. And then she realises that it was the past catching up with her, and it was a planned vendetta by Satish's dear ones. The director could have made the plan more convincing. The 'Test-tube-baby' style of vendetta cuts no ice here. It's too far-fetched, a bit ridiculous, and leaves it open to questions on a doctor's ethics.

The film has other points going against it too. It has been years in the making and the script has undergone changes along the way. Not surprisingly it has a faded look, a lean boyish-looking Ajith playing Satish; and an out-of-circulation Reshma as the heroine (changed her name to Sumi for this film). Vignesh, and debutant Amar Siddique try to infuse some life into their roles.

Malini Mannath

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