Director: Murugadas
Cast: Suresh Gopi, Laila, Nagma, Shriman, Shyam Ganesh, Divyasri, Baby Sheila.

Release: 14.01.2001


Adhikeshavan is the dreaded don of the place and Deena is his favourite handyman. The duo shares a deep bonding like that of siblings. Shades of 'Dalapathi' can be seen here. Deena falls in love with Chitra, and unknown to the family Adikeshavan's sister Shanti too falls for Chitra's brother Ashok. Fearing her brother wouldn't approve of her love, Shanti elopes with Ashok. She is killed in a car accident. On her deathbed she makes Deena promise that he would protect Ashok's family from the wrath of Adikeshavan. So when the don orders Deena to wipe out Ashok's family, Deena for the first time rebels. Deena becomes a marked man, shifts to Chitra's building and turns protector to the family. Helping him in his cause are Anand and Bala (Shriman-Balaji). In the clash that follows many lives are lost. But better sense prevails and the duo reconciles.

For a debutant's effort, Murugadas shows a lot of promise. He has tackled a bold subject, penned a fairly neat screenplay and weaved in a good measure of action and suspense. But for all its gore and violence, the film has a tame ending. Enough is enough the director seems to have decided rather abruptly!

Ajith puts in a good effort. And if one doesn't quite accept him as the tough rowdy and a lethal human weapon, it is his soft vulnerable looks that are to be blamed. Suresh Gopi with all his experience of playing the tough guy in Malayalam films cuts an imposing figure with his tall, striking personality. Shriman and Mahanadi Shanker (as Narayanan, the Don's right hand) make their presence felt. Laila knits her eyebrows and holds her breath tight in most of the scenes and that is when she is not smiling. Hope she exercises her other facial muscles too in her future films!

Malini Mannath

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