Aval Varuvala


  Director: Raj Kapoor
  Cast: Simran

  Music Director: S.A. Rajkumar

  Release: 07.05.1998

The end credit is: "the film's been dedicated to all the mother-in-laws who would treat their daughter-in-laws as daughters". 
Ajith says he would marry the girl he likes at first sight. In a shopping mall he gets a glimpse of Simran and promptly falls in love (don't blame him).

Soon he goes on a mission in search of her only to find her in a colony surrounded by comedians (Goundamani, Senthil, VenniraAdai Moorthi, Thaamu, Kovai Sarala) and a lonely sad, pathetic looking Sujatha as her mother. Soon we think Sujatha must be hiding a sad but dramatic flashback (as she often has in her movies) which is usually left for the climax.

Truthful to the expectations, she happens to be Sim's mother-in-law. Sujatha's son (Prithviraj a.k.a. Babloo) is killed (so we think) by his wife (Sims) when he encourages his friends to sexually abuse her. Believing the bad time is behind them, Sujatha & Simran start a new life in a new town as mother and daughter team. Both

Ajith and Sims fall in love with the help of the comedians gang and that leads to the marriage. Well... almost. Prithvi returns for their betrothal to reclaim his possession.

What can a good mother do to stop the evil son. Like in all those good old sentimental movies, she poisons him and kills herself too for the sake of a peaceful life for her daughter-in-law. Hence mothers-in-law are dedicated..

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