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   For the last two weeks most of Ajith's interview carries the statement: "I want to claim super star title. I will fight for it. 'Aanjaneya' will decide who is the super star."

Is it not enough for Ajith's such statements to make the cine goers curious to watch 'Anjaneya'?

It's a mix of Vikram's three hit films for 'Anjaneya' to have 'Sami' in its first half and 'Dhool' in second half and a little of 'Dhil' in between the films contents.

Its screenplay and scenes have been done with haste. The films first scenes makes it clear about Ajit's attitude as a candidate awaiting his results for IPS examinations. His act of dispatching the fleet of fire tenders to put of the flames in fire accident happening else where while it is meant to be stationed in the venue of minister's residential function - makes it to understand him as a person who cannot stand any acts of injustice.

He opposes the gangster who arrives to stay in their colony. Hence he is branded as a violent person by the Police dept and it shatters his dream of becoming a police officer. Immediately he appeals in the court and argues for himself and winks at his fans during the films interval for winning his posting as Asst.Commissioner.

After this he opposes and wins over the politicians and gangsters, this alone is film content. In between he showers his advices in Vijayakanth's style and makes the judge, police department and public to reform them heeding to his advices - a comedy act which has not been done by Ramesh Kanna, Vaiyapuri and Kovai Sarala in spite of their presence in 'Anjanaeya'.

Ajith excels in looks more than Meera Jasmine. But it is unable to see the body language and the smart looks of an IPS officer in Ajith's act. It's a mistake for Ajith to don his attire during this police season. (In fact why can't he understand that this is a period for different story and screenplay?)

 The films songs, which were made pleasant to hear, have been shot in haste and it's very much visible. Its too much to have Meera Jasmine in 'Anjaneya's dances alone.

It's a 17-reel film, which runs for 3 hour. The galore of technical flaws in Anjaneya is evident to make even a lay man to find out mistakes in its editing.

Ajith's opposing of the gangster's in spite of his father Raghuvaran's advice and making those who gave evidence against him in the court to blabber before the films interval are 20 minutes of interesting moments in the film - afterwards it makes the viewer to have a peaceful sleep with the appearance of villains and Ajith efforts in finding the mystery of 3 murders.

Seetha's struggles to save her son who witnesses the murders and complaints to the police, the fear of the judge who is appointed to enquire the case being afraid of the villains are added confusions. It is unwanted in the films screenplay with Asst commissioner Ajith being a loner while guarding the villain's house.

Manisharma has copied the background scores from Vijayakanth films.

What is the secret behind the bombing of this film, which joined Ajith after the hit of villain and Director Maharajan with his credit from the hit of 'Vallarasu'?

It is a wrong calculation to think it needs Heroic scenes, four action stunts with four song sequences and sentiments, added with lengthy dialogues and three comedians to satisfy the cine goers.

Is this your reply for super star claims Ajith? It makes us to laugh at.

Review by Cinesouth


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