Chozha Ponnurangam


 Bala Bharathi












Balu (Kalyan Kumar) and Raji (Kavitha) meet an orphan girl, Amaravathi (Sangavi) at a bus terminus. Taking pity on her, they treat her as their daughter and take her to Ooty. A rich boy, Arjun (Ajith), who stays with his uncle in Ooty, falls in love with Amaravathi and wants to marry her. Reluctantly, Amaravathi's parents agree. Meanwhile, Balu and Raji are shocked to see Amaravathi's photograph published in the papers as 'missing' and that the informer has to notify her 'husband'. Under his uncle's coercion, Arjun interrogates Amaravathi. She runs away from home. At that time, Dr. Charlie approaches Balu and Raji and informs that Amaravathi's real name is Angeline...

Verdict: Above Average


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