Rajavin Parvaiyela





 Rajavin Parvaiyela


 Janaki Sounder


 Prathani Ramakrishna Goud




 Vijay, Indraja








Rajavin Parvaiyile is a Tamil film starring Vijay and Ajith together. It was directed by Janaki Soundar and released in 1995. The music is by Ilayaraja.

rajavin01.jpgVijay is the son of a poor and his only aim in life is to study to get a good job. Meanwhile the daughter of the richest man of the village falls in love with Vijay. But he keeps shunning her and getting away from her. She decides to know the reason of his behavior. Vijay narrates a flash back story of his friend(Ajith) who fell in love with a girl and whose career and life was ruined. So he hates love. But later he falls in love with a girl, meanwhile issues of class arise in the village. But finally Vijay and his lover overcome all the issues and unite together

This was the only movie which starred Ajith and Vijay together.
After this both became kollywood Icons.

Box Office
It was a relatively low budget production and marketed as Ajith film even though he does a cameo only.
The film was later dubbed into Telugu as Yuva Raktam.



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