Ajith junior expected around Pongal

After his recovery from his illness, the old vigour is back in Ajith's talk. After a long time he breaks his silence and speaks freely.

You suddenly started to talk less. How does it feel to be so silent?

"My comments were unnecessarily twisted and misconstrued and landed me in a lot of problems. Now I am clear. I can now distinguish the milk from the toddy. Silence is like meditation. These two are my teachers now. I do only what I like to do. For me, silence is now a language and I'm getting used to it. "Let life be" is a brief advice, just 3 words. But this has such a wealth of meaning."


"This film featuring superstar was a super hit. This film will be liked by those who have seen the old 'Billa' film as well as the new generation who have not seen it. 'Billa' will be an unforgettable experience in my acting career. Instead of my speaking about it, it would be better to let the film speak for itself."

How do you feel now that Ajith Jr is due?

"I was shooting abroad when I received this wonderful news. I can't describe the happiness I felt at that moment when I got the news, I was so jubilant. The child is due in January. In Kodambakkam language, one could call it a Pongal release!" said Ajith with a childish laugh.


By Cinesouth



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