Ajith's press meet "Kreedom will be surely a hit"

Ajith's press meet
I thank our friend Mr Vishanth for helping in getting the news in Timely Manner. This is an exclusive presentation from ajith-fans-eyakkam yahoo group.

Thala is not a man to give intervieww and earn publicity. But he araanges a pressmeet once in a year as his Birthday Special. Thie year also, he arranged a press meet (30-04-2007) in Park Sheraton hotel. Around 75 press persons were there. No fans were allowed there. Devaji was present there even befor the arrival of Thala.
Thala came to the meeting hall at exactly at 7:20 PM IST. Ajith was ultra smart and he was wearing black shirt, yellow coat and yellow tie. Along with him, Mrs Shalini Ajith was also there in red saree. The press meet started sharply at 7:30 PM IST. The reporters started to trigger their questions and Thala answered them well. The questions and the replies given by Thala are given below.

Some important question are here. Stay tuned to get the full interview.

Press: Is Robo confirmed?
Ajith: No, it's a rumour. Only Billa is confirmed.

Press: What about Aalwar flop?
Ajith: I have become more cautious choosing stories after Aalwar.

Press: About Billa?
Ajith: Billa has been started with approval of Super Star's blessings. It's a dedicated to Rajini sir mainly. I'm going to Malaysia on may 4th. I will be there for 45 days continuously.

Press: Super Star has said that you are the best fitting hero for Billa. So, are you the Next Super Star?
Ajith: (Ajith started to smile and also the crowd)
Next question please...

Press: When is Kreedom audio release?
Ajith: It will release with in 4 days.

Press: Why didn't you attend the Vijay Awards function?
Ajith: I won't give personal interviews and act partial to media. If I give interview to one media and reject other media, it would cause problems. I have planned to arrange press meets like this frequently.

Press: How will you react when a movie is a hit or flop?
Ajith: I take it in the same way. If hit, I will be happy but won't over react. If flop, I will find reasons and be cautions next time.

Press: What about Billa?
Ajith: Billa will be stylish. I got permission from SS first and then told to Mr L Suresh. Then only new Billa got life.

Press: You have been an emotional character in the past, then how you became such matured?
Ajith: I'm getting older now. My age has taught me the lessons to become matured.

Press: Why your double act or triple act movies are hit?
Ajith: It not planning. As the movies are good they are hit. No special reasons. Kreedom will be surely a hit in which I act in single role only.

Press: About Robo?
Ajith: Nice to hear such rumours. I will feel so happy if this become true.

Press: How you feel working with Adlabs?
Ajith: Pleasant experience to work with such a corporate company. Mr Anil Ambani came and saw me twice. He felt very happy about the movie.

Press: Tell about director Vijay? He's only 23. How you gave him chance?
Ajith: Even though he's 23, he has experience in this field by working with Priyadharshan. He has been very friendly and a hard worker.

Press: What's your birthday resolution?
Ajith: Nothing new. I will help the poor and needy people.

Press: What you like the most?
Ajith: I like helping others.

Press: Tell about Vijay, Vikram and Surya?
Ajith: Please ask about me and my cinema career only.

Press: Are you not friendly with other actors?
Ajith: No it's not true. I'm friendly with everybody.


Thanks to AFE (30-04-2007)


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