Ajith’s interview on Kalaingar TV

For the first time, Ajith Kumar has appeared for a tete a tete on Kalaingar TV, on the day when Billa audio is officially released and hits the stands. For all those expecting him to spill the beans on this show, you might be in for a disappointment, not completely though. He tried to be politically correct this time around.

The reasons, he cites for his being elusive to the media is that the previous few instances when he addressed the media his words were misunderstood by the public. Besides, the lull that followed with his movies not doing well at the box office and his failed attempts behind the wheel made him a little wary about giving an explanation for each of his moves.

While questioned on Kreedom, he opined that it was the best film he had done in his career and it did average business at the box office. He felt that the climax of the movie, being a tragic one, didn't go down well with the audiences and his fans as well. After which he decided that he would not hitherto experiment with his roles. As to how he landed on Billa, he says that the producers Ananda Suresh had the idea in mind for quiet a while but were apprehensive of remaking it as they weren't convinced with casting an actor who could play the lead role, especially one essayed by Rajinikanth himself. It was during a chance meeting with Rajini himself whom he had gone to personally meet to convey his gratitude to the superstar, who had congratulated him for his performance in Varallaru. During this meeting, he is said to have asked the superstar's permission to remake one of his earlier movies for which the superstar nodded immediate consent. This message was conveyed to the producers who immediately brought in the rest of the cast in a jiffy.

He was all praise for director Vishnu Vardhan, whom he claims is a bundle of energy. In fact, he used to be so active on the sets that seniors like Prabhu used to mock him for the unbelievable zeal he displayed for his work. Besides, Anu Vardhan, the director's wife and costume designer of the film, came in for special mention from Ajith for the attention she paid to the costumes of everyone in the frame even those of the junior artistes. He attributed the look of the film to the couple and their efforts. The stunts are choreographed by Jackie Chan's stunt coordinator William Ang. As for his role in the selection of his heroines, he commented that it is purely the director's domain and he doesn't in anyway interfere with the casting aspect of any of the artistes, let alone the heroine.

He attributed his growth and achievement to his fans whose gratitude, he says, he never can repay in this generation or even the next. As for being badmouthed by people in the industry, he stated that his fluency in Tamil has not been good enough to communicate all he intends to. Ajith ended the interview by acknowledging the support of his family and friends who have been with him through thick and thin.


By Behindwoods News Bureau

November 26, 2007


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