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Hip measurement

34 inches

Chest measurement

42 inches

Brothers and sisters

2 brothers. His elder brother’s name is Anup Kumar and his younger brother’s name is Anil Kumar. They both have settled in America.

How did Ajith get acting chance?

He was approached by the director Selva in a fuction he went to with a friend. He started acting as soon as the next day in “Amaravathi”

The first scene he acted in

It was a scene in which he had to stand near the “Thiruvalluvar” bus stop of Chennai in the rain!


Bike racing, Car racing

Favourite color


Favourite dress

Jean’s and T-shirt.

Favourite car

The first car he bought. It was a D.S.P. 1626 Maruthi 800. He also likes the “Tata Safran” model.

Favourite food

He prefers non-vegeterian food. What he likes most is mutton and beef dishes.

Favourite location


Which God does he believe in?

He believes in all Gods

Languages he can speak

Tamil, Hindi and English

His strenghts

His self-confidence , his hard-working and his obstinate determination to do things again and again until he succeeds in it.

His weaknesses To take everybody’s word for it, his straight-forwardness

The day he can never forget in his life His wedding day


The first salary he earned: 1500 Rupies. With this salary, he bought a sari for his mother

First salary- That unforgettable Rs 250.

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